Sunday, June 22, 2008

A game of tag

Alyssa tagged me for this little game. Six things you want to know about me. I have a hard time with that because I'm not sure about ANY thing you want to know about me! LOL Don't you know it all already?? Ok, so if this is your first time reading anything here, here's what you might want to know about me... Anything new?

1. My first love in life is Christ and sharing about His works in my life.
2. My husband is my best friend and he's the most wonderful husband/ father/ man in the world.
3. I have four beautiful children who I am honored to parent.
4. I spend a lot of my "free time" (ie: nap and meal times for the kids) raising awareness for orphans with disabilities, Down syndrome, and researching whatever the latest medical issue is in our home. Yes, I do clean the dishes, do the laundry, and cook dinner :) (um... sometimes...)
5. I began to live off of caffeine from Coca~cola products while in Ukraine and have continued since coming home. Who needs sleep anyway?
6. I love to read Christian women's novels and always have one in-progress. Right now I've started two- one is the last of 3 novels in one volume so I left it at home. It is Sanctuary by Beverly Lewis. The second I brought with me to the hospital so I wouldn't have to haul the 3 volumes. It's called Bittersweet by Cathy Marie Hake. I'm in the first few chapters of both but I pretty much like everything I read :)

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