Saturday, June 07, 2008

Nathaniel's Hope- Make 'm Smile 2008!

Held at Lake Eola in Orlando, Make 'm Smile is a special day for VIPs and Buddies!  VIP families are those with any type of special needs- physical, developmental, or invisible.  Buddy families are those that come out to befriend the VIP families and learn more about disabilities as well as to know that yes, our families are a lot like everyone else's :)

Our buddy family was wonderful!  Their two girls, B and D are 12 and 15 and not only were they super sweet girls, but they were wonderful with the kids and a huge help!  We had a great time and hope to meet back up with their family again sometime. 

I have to apologize for the pic's- many are washed out since it was SO bright, and others are hard to see at all since they were taken on the run.  Here are a few from the day :)

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In the picture above they were watching a black swan build its nest.  It let them stay there and watch and never even seemed to notice them!  There are probably a dozen or more black swans in Lake Eola, they're very pretty!

Not a great picture, but in that one Kristopher was being given a fire hat and badge.  Later on at home he told me that when he grows up he's gonna be a fireman because he already has a helmet ;)  I'm sure grandpa would be proud!

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This wall was being slowly painted by all the visitors of Make 'm Smile!  What a neat idea!  Unfortunately it was over 100 degrees out today and we didn't want to wait in the sunshine.  The kids survived without painting today ;)


Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat had to go get some bananas and donuts before we could get there to say 'hi' but we took their picture anyway!


The guy on stage is Matthew West.  He performed several songs including some of his more well-known ones like  "More" and "Everything To Me" .  He even made up a song on the spot just for Make 'm Smile :) 


Our favorite characters of the day, and we just barely made it in time to see them.  Kristopher was one happy kid and I think they freaked Emma out just a bit! LOL

Thank you L, D, and B for being our buddies today!  We had a great time!!

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  1. Curious George was there?!! Charlie would have flipped out! Looks like a fun family outing.