Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saw the ENT NP (and gross... sorry)

She's on for another night, or two... We'll have a consult with cardiology tomorrow about her HR dropping. She also has about 6 BAD blisters with puss in them (sorry, but if that was tmi then stop reading here...) from where her first IV was wrapped. We didn't know it would blister- just looked wet when it was undressed, so the bandaid to keep the IV from bleeding was put over top of that area. Well, I went to take the bandaid off and it started wripping the skin off with it and the pussy blisters were popping. Finally we soaked her hand and together Mike and I were able to get the bandaid off without too much damage to the skin. She now has an antibiotic ointment prescribed and has BOTH hands wrapped- one with an IV one with an infection :(

Mom arrived and I went back over to the RMH and got a shower, lunch with Mom and the kids, then I cleaned the room, finished packing, and Mom started packing the car. I walked the kids back up here to say goodbye to Emma and now Mike, Mom, and the kids are on their way home. Mom brought me our car so I can go home whenever Emma's released. For now the other kids will spend the day with grandparents and the evenings and nights with Daddy until we come home. Although I hate to have us split up like this, Emma needs someone 24 hrs a day right now so there's no reason to have the other kids away from home now that Mike needs to get back to work. I am VERY glad we've had them here this first 5 days though, it's been good for them to see where Emma is, for them to have Mike and I both and my mom as well, and for Emma to also have a bit of Daddy and a bit of Mommy these first days.

So... I'm on my own for a few with Miss E. and will get to experience the joy of "Parent showers" at the hospital and cafeteria food from downstairs. I guess living in Ukraine was preparing me :) :)


  1. So Sorry to hear about Emma's infection. She has enough to deal with without adding more. Our prayers will be with you & Emma. Wish I could be there to help you out.

    Hope you get some rest tonight.

    Mom C

  2. Prayers for little Emma that she will be improving very soon.

  3. Angela is allergic to tapes and glues. That blistering is what she does any time she has an IV or has any tape on her skin. The last time she had an abdominal surgery (an 8 inch incision up her belly) they couldn't tape it, instead had to wrap her. Then she started reacting to the bandages wrapping her, and had petichaei wherever it touched her. They said that would be from the elastic in the bandages.