Tuesday, June 10, 2008


-Emma has started putting her feet up for me to put shorts on her!

-Brianna has started knocking Micah upside the head to see if he will fall over

-Brianna now understands time-outs and can sign "sorry" really well

-Kristopher thinks that McDonald's happy meals are the best "surprise" possible and will even behave in public for them

-Micah doesn't puke nearly as much as he used to, but getting it out of my carpet is still a pain!

-Emma still talks to herself at night but now she naps in a different room so she won't wake Brianna

-Brianna's black eye is clearing up and is a pretty pinkish purple color now.  Much better than "sharpie black" that she started off with.

-Micah will eat 10 oz of "baby mush in a bottle" every 3 hours ALL DAY LONG and still won't take a smidgeon off a spoon.

-Emma likes to play with my hair now and after SCREECHING at the dr's office she settled onto my shoulder, ran her fingers through my hair and stopped :)

-Kristopher is playing more and more with Brianna and even invites her to his "special places" to play.  Like sitting on the couch with a chair against it so she won't fall down.  He thinks of everything.

-Emma signed her first word today!  After I said "eat" signed it 10 times, pointed to the bottle, had her tap her mouth, then finally gave her the bottle, she then threw it before finishing and I started again with signing, saying, showing her the bottle and she tapped her mouth!

-Mommy is bad and a slacker and that's the FIRST time she's attempted to get Emma to sign and is ashamed of herself now because Emma DID IT

-When Elizabeth was down she bought Kristopher a shirt the day before we left.  It think we left an impression on her.  It says "My parents are exhausted"

-Brianna has decided that yogurt covered raisins are an ok snack and I really hope that helps the constipation issues.

-I've been using pear nectar in the kids' bottles occasionally and even mixed in Bria's milk and I haven't done an enema in over a week! (not that the kids are doing "good" but at least they are pooping!)

-Kristopher thinks that chips are a staple for every meal.  Brianna feels the same way with crackers.

-I spent over $100 on food items for our hurricane box.  It still only has the NECESSITIES for the babies in it.  Formula for 12 days (mostly powdered, but some pre-made), 4 gallons of water (this isn't nearly enough), baby food jars for a week or so, pediasure for Brianna (my milk drinker).  Not much else.  It's sad.  Hopefully we won't need it.  I have to budget the extra to finish filling it soon, but that's at least a start!

-We haven't been in the pool in a week and it looks SO GOOD!  I want to go in!

-I never did post back, but because of Emma's surgeries we are not having a live-in here this summer.  Too much to figure out and it's just not going to happen

-The kids' glasses frames came in and they're all too big so the lady is looking for more that are even smaller.  www.Specs4Us.com makes glasses specifically for the facial features common in kids with Ds but they don't make infant frames or the pieces that wrap around the ears.

-I did hear back from the dr. in WI and he didn't have any info contrary to our current plans so we are plunging ahead!

-Don't you hate it when people put semi-important information in with a bunch of very not important info?

-I took E to the dr today (see above screaming reference) and picked up a script for yet another antibiotic.  I'm not going to fill it unless her cold symptoms get worse.  I can't risk it with surgery being next week though, so if by the weekend there's any sign then she's going on the anti's for her FOURTH round in just over 3 months.  I can't wait until the adenoids are gone and she can get healthy!  Her nose is green and a little bit of a barking cough, but that's all so far.  Hope it stays this way or clears up quick!

-We went and visited with the Summer CHAOS kids this morning (church summer camp that I've been very involved with the past few years but wasn't this year) and Kristopher got to try to shoot an arrow for the first time.  Mike's the archery teacher.

-This afternoon Brianna never took a nap and she sat happily on Mike's chest for quite some time when he got home.  The Muppets Take Manhattan was on and I promise it isn't all that interesting.  She was TIRED!

-Emma has started chewing on bibs when she's wearing them.  I decided to leave hers on because it's SO MUCH better than grinding her teeth!  I often turn on my webcam while I'm on the computer and today snapped a few pic's that are just too cute of Emma (see below).  She was in her favorite place- under the swing that Micah's in and laughing to her heart's content.  She did want to play with the laptop though and kept closing our webcam feed :)  Yes, I'm a nerd and took an actual picture of my computer screen.  It really is better than "print screen".  I promise.


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  1. AWESOME updates on everyone! Great to hear so much infor about all of your beautiful little ones.
    I got a kick out of the McDonalds. LOL Why does fast food do that to kids???? haha

  2. And its when you clean the house and looking at all the happy meal toys and think OMG did I really take my kids that many times???????

  3. I was actually amazed at how calm the house was when I visited (were they behaving just for me?) The "new kids" were more mobile than I thought they'd be, so that wasn't it. I was pretty amazed the kids got along so well. I don't remember us and our siblings getting along that well when we were little! hehe :)
    I just liked the shirt :)

  4. Merdith, I'm praying for you guys and Emma with her upcoming surgery. She is looking so good!

  5. Meredith

    Don't you beat yourself up for even one little thing. (not teaching signing to Emma) You and Mike are doing an awesome job. Hi Elizabeth. Saw your note.
    Love, Aunt Dottie