Friday, June 06, 2008



ENT:Emma's surgery will be scheduled as soon as we get cardiac clearance.


Surgeon: Dr. Q will give cardiac clearance ASAP, no worries it will be done today.


Surgeon: Dr. Q hasn't gotten back with me (says his office manager or whatever she's called) so get cardiac clearance from your cardiologist.

Cardiologist: We received a request for clearance from Dr. M but it has Dr. Q's name on it and Dr. Nadkarni won't sign it because it isn't her name.  We sent a script to the ENT to show clearance.

Me: Who in the world is Dr. M?  Where does he come into play?

Cardio: Dr. M is a cardiologist in Tampa, when Dr. Q's office didn't sign it they automatically sent it to them.  They saw Emma once for the cath so they knew she's Dr. Nadkarni's patient and forwarded it to us.

ENT: The script that the cardio sent either didn't make it or wasn't entered, I'll refax the original standard clearance letter with Dr. Nadkarni's name on it to her office.

Do you think we'll get clearance today??


  1. Wow, how confusing! Why do they make it so hard. We too seem to go in circles sometimes! We will pray that you get clearance today and get this schedule. Keep us updated! I have been wondering all day how this was going. Glad you got to spend time with R. It is good to see how you had made a friend in HS with DS and now you have 3 kiddos with DS. God is amazing how he prepares us for our calling/future.


  2. Oh good heavens. Reminds me of Renee's battle with Shriner's in PA for Kennedy's clearance. UGH. Hang in there- I have HOPE that it will all work out.

  3. You are amazing!!! Keep at them. Just thinking of the world Emma will experience once she can hear and breath, and sleep is amazing!