Sunday, June 29, 2008

Catching up, pic's from the week

Emma finally drank!  These are from Thursday morning.  My lovely chair/bed and Emma's hospital crib.

001 004 005 006


After coming home, K and Bria had a snack in the playroom while watching a movie

008 009

Hiding from Mommy-- Don't take my picture!

 010 011

These envelopes... They were ALL filled with hospital bills from Micah and Emma's congruent hospital stays in April.  What a joy to come home to!

013 015

While I was gone my mom watched the kids one morning and after using the restroom (yes, mommies do that too, and even Grandmothers!) she couldn't get back out!  The doorknob has been giving us trouble the past few weeks and apparently that was its undoing!  She couldn't get out!  Luckily that bathroom also opens to the pool deck and Mike had left the front door unlocked... so she got back in through the front door and the kids were all still asleep this entire time.  So... there's Mike installing a new doorknob :)

021 022 023 024

Here's what Emma's hand looked like right after coming home.  Notice that the hospital band now left its own little mark too :(

025 026

Clean and smiling... but only the GIRL... THE ROOM WAS A MESS! LOL

 029 030

K playing on his top bunk and Emma all hooked up last night.  Notice the socks on the hands and on one foot to keep the pulse-ox on. 

 032 033

I also taped a long piece of it with paper tape to keep it in place.  Unfortunately, this morning we discovered that Emma's face is much more sensitive to tape than her hands are... There's a little area where she has an actual scrape looking thing on her face and then the inevitable red rash from the tape too.  She DID, however, keep in the oxygen all night!!  She slept through everything, actually.  It was Brianna and Kristopher that took their turns waking up.  And it's not Emma's fault that Mommy doesn't know how to turn on a light switch to make the outlet work!

034 036

Tonight I made a no-bake dessert that has a chocolate crust, peanut butter middle, and a chocolate topping.  YUM.  I'd bought it to make for Mike's birthday, but considering the circumstances, didn't make it until today.  We also had a picnic ham and steamed broccoli, and of course applesauce to top it all off :)  YUMMY! 037


  1. I'm sorry we didn't get to meet up this week(though it seems that you were definately a little busy for visitors). I am going to be coming up before Emma's heart surgery so we can spend some time together and let the kids play :) I am praying for sweet Emma and that you can get some good rest tonight.

  2. HOLY COW! Those envelopes!!! YIKES!
    The kids look just adorabel, evenEmma with her yucky sores. Poor little thing. How awful!

  3. Yep, the tape will leave a read mark. If she isn't using her hands as much with the socks, you might could get the less (hypoallergenic=type) sticky tape for the night. Or strategically place it in a new place each nite...small piece next to nose and another small piece closer to the ear. It's a trial and error thing unfortunately.

    The kids look great! Dinner sounds yummy.

  4. I normally throw my hospital bills into a pile I never look at til the bill collector calls!! lol But the other day I looked at one and it had over a 40o dollar reimbursement check in it. I need to start going thru them.

  5. When Cheyenne came home with O2 we used duoderm on her cheeks. You put a pad of it on and it will stay for a long time. Then we put the tape ontop of it. Duoderm stays but tape can be removed.