Friday, June 20, 2008

24 hours post-op

And Miss E doesn't GET to eat! She's NPO for another hour and then is having an MRI of her neck and of her brain. She's been off food since midnight- not that she wants anything anyway...

After the MRI she'll be sleepy for a little bit and then we'll start back on clear liquids and then her normal diet. Yesterday she took 2 oz in recovery before she really "woke up" and then another oz later on, but that's all she's taken on her own. Mike and a nurse 'dropper fed' her another oz or two last night with a syringe but she wasn't too happy about that. She's already 36 hours with only 5 oz of liquid. She has been on IV fluids still until she starts eating, so she's not getting dehydrated.

Having gone through the conditions she's had in the past with being severely malnourished and underfed, unfortunately this little one is no stranger to hunger paints and likely doesn't even mind them very much. That works in her favor when having to wait for surgery since she can't eat anyway, but it works against us when she's in pain and she just doesn't want to eat. On the other hand, maybe once she realizes that she can eat and it doesn't hurt TOO bad, she will go back to her little guzzling self and eat those 10-15 oz like she does when she's good and hungry at home!

One more sedation, another trip through anesthesia, another night at the hospital... but she's doing great, so for that we PRAISE THE LORD!!!


  1. So glad to hear she is doing well. She is such a beautiful little girl and such a trooper :)

    Kelly S

  2. prayers for the next leg of Emma's new journey and praises for all the positive so far for your our thoughts, hugs!

    cathy and the crew

  3. Praying that everything went good with the procedures today and that she is awake and drinking more now. Keeping you guys in our prayers.


  4. Hey Meredith,
    Praying for Emma here. If she is still getting IV fluids, then she isn't getting thirsty enough to WANT to drink on her own. Ian had this happen after his cleft palate surgery. They turned off his IV for a few hours and low and behold, he drank! Just a thought.]