Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When you clean out the bathroom cabinets

You never know what you might find!

  • expired medication
  • a bag with 2 new tubes of toothpaste and 2 new toothbrushes
  • sunscreen from last summer that I KNEW I bought for the kids
  • an unopened container of shampoo
  • moisturizer/hand sanitizer that I'd forgotten I had
  • sample sized containers I'd also forgotten about
  • a small container of baby soap/shampoo
  • pocket size tissues
  • a pregnancy test (not sure when I bought that)

Most of that- well, not the pregnancy test or expired medications- will come in very handy next week for our trip.  If only there was a spare stick of deodorant and some toothbrush covers I think we'd be set to go! LOL

Oh, and my lack of organization has paid off.  I went into my room where the suitcase is still sitting from our trip to Tampa in early April.  Next to it is a stack of small paperback children's books, color wonder markers and two new books for them, a new paint-with-water book with brush taped to it, and the travel aquadoodle pad.   Also, a small baggy with all the meds you hope you don't need- immodium, pepto, sinus meds, tylenol pm samples- all ready to go!  Looks like I saved myself some work :)  If only I hadn't been walking around it for the past 2 1/2 months I might feel better about it :)  Oh yeah, and IN the suitcase I found 2 pr of shorts that no longer fit Micah, a shirt I'd looked all over for that's mine, and a few other things that I'd been looking for and had no idea were still there.  OH YES, AND... I still have 2 paperbacks I bought before going to Ukraine which I've been hiding from myself so that I'll have something to read later!  See, a lack of organization has saved me putting all these things away and then having to find them all again!


  1. See- you saved yourself time in the long run!!

  2. I'm sorry I had trouble getting passed the "when you clean the bathroom cabinets" part. When the heck did you have time to do THAT? I'm looking around at little messes here and there, only to know that Meredith had time to clean bathroom cabinets! Oh man....