Thursday, June 26, 2008


Emma ate the 3 oz early this morning, then took 6 oz at 9:30 and we were really thinking that was it! We came home, got here around 4pm then rested and visited with Chris- she was watching Bria and Micah. It's now almost 7:30 and Emma has drank a combination of 4 times totaling.... ONE oz. Since 9:30. Pray she will eat tonight before bed! We've offerred the bottle constantly and she took a sip then CRIED earlier. She's had the Tylenol with Codine, so we can't give it again until 8pm. Anyway, we are glad to be home, glad to be together, but we need her to EAT so we can stay this way!!


  1. Glad you're home! With T&A, eating is going to be VERY slow going. Hurts them to swallow. Even a week out. Does she just eat bottles? I know applesauce & jello pudding always worked for mine but don't remember if Emma was on anything solid before the surgery. I know just how hard it is going back to the hospital after you've been released. We'll be praying she eats more. Poor kiddo. I know she's ready to get back to normal. Emma being lifted up in prayer.

    Take care,

    stephanie--mom to 7 special kiddos!

  2. I will still be praying for Miss Emma. She is always in my prayers just as your whole family are.

  3. I'm so glad you are home, eat Emma!

  4. susan & Joshua from MaineJune 26, 2008 at 8:57 PM

    Hey there, I have followed your blog for some time now. What a wonderful testimony to God's goodness and love! Your children are beautiful!

    I haven't been caught up for a few days now (we were on vacation), but I did read tonight that Emma ate some! YAY! I wanted to mention something... when my Josh (also has T21) had his T&A a year go... he could NOT tolerate the Tylenol w/codeine at all!

    We stopped it after about day 2-3 and started just regular tylenol SUPPOSITORIES!! It was a miracle!! He hated taking the medicine by mouth and would 'lose' half of it and I didn't want him to HATE what I was putting in his mouth because we needed so much for him to DRINK! The suppositories kept his pain down (the doctor prescribed a pretty large dose at 1st) and then he began to DRINK! And eventually eat.

    If you can keep her pain down without putting her thru the torture of the med by mouth... she might be more interested in the bottle. And the codeine did awful things to Josh! I hate the stuff myself so I couldn't imagine how he felt on it every 4-6 hours!

    Anyway, I hope that helps some. The doctor didn't recommend them to us, I have a friend that's married to an ENT and HE told me about the suppositories. They were a God-send!

    Much love and prayers for your Emma (and the rest)!

  5. prayers for little miss to continue eating/drinking for you now that you've been home a bit longer. i know Dom's worst day was right around day 6-8(?) and it was because the scabs were drying up and coming off. I can't remember if Emma was eating any solids before this or not, but high water fruits are a source of water too as well as baths. I know that sounds strange but the water will soak through the skin and has helped keep Dom hydrated in the past when he just wouldn't eat. Maybe the suppositories would be worth a try-if you haven't done that yet. Hang in there, momma and Miss Emma, the 'change' has got to be just around the corner. In our thoughts and prayers...

  6. Uh, I just lost my comment. GRR. LOL. I basically just wanted to say that tylenol with codeine is the worst for constipation! It had Payton all stopped up, so then we were dealing with sore tummy and throat together. Try regular tylenol if you can and see what happens. Praying the little miss drinks!!! Can you dropper her some water? What about secretly in the bathtub without her knowing? LOL I'm stretching here, I know. LOL

  7. OH! Saying prayers for you right now that she eats better and you can stay home.
    Poor little thing.
    Hope she feels better soon.

  8. Praying she drinks and eats more very soon. My niece, 8 with DS, had her adnoids and tonsils out a few months ago, it took her about two weeks before she was back to eating and drinking normally. It is very very slow, just keep offering her stuff and giving her the pain med., that and prayer is all you can do. Praying for you all and so glad you are all back together.

  9. Meredith, I'm adding my prayers to everyone else's that Emma will drink and be able to stay home.

  10. I hope she does better today. It can be such a painful surgery.

  11. that is right tonsils hurt MORE a week later so if she eats ANYTHING let it be OK if she is not dehydrated, after the scabs come off they will feel like eating, it is actually worse several days after and not right after. Hang in there and just be OK with getting an oz at a time.
    You might back off and try just tylenol at this point, codeine makes you sick to your stomach!! She shouldn't need that strong of meds a week later. Try trading off Tylenol then Advil if allowed.
    Amy O.