Thursday, June 26, 2008


Waiting for the ENT, but I am SOOOO ready to go home! Best part is that I got a decent night's sleep so as soon as we get the green flag (and the portable O2 tank that's being delivered at 10am) then we will HIT THE ROAD for home. I had a kind offer from my dad and uncle to drive over and drive us home but since I slept good last night I'll be fine driving. Yay, I hope we can go home!

Her BP was 78/38 this morning, so still low, but I'm sure that's because she's still dehydrated. She drank 3 oz then another oz or so and has 5 more sitting in a bottle next to her. The hand is clearing up, the rash is clearing up, so as long as the BP doesn't keep us here then I'm sure that the ENT will let us go HOME :D

Early this morning about 4am Emma woke up hurting. She was grinding, kicking her feet, and her HR was 138 (remember sleeping it's usually been in the 60's ish). We gave her some Tylenol with Codine and rocked for a bit. They took her BP then and it was 106/75 so I know she was hurting pretty good. Now this morning it's back down to what it was last night.

All said, it's been a week and it's TIME! Please pray we are released this morning!


  1. Yay, Yay, Yay!!!! Good job Emma! Keep it up sweetheart! Thank you GOD!!!