Monday, June 16, 2008

Little weird things

that you don't think about before leaving for an unknown period of time (although Mike will be back on Monday as long as there's no reason he has to stay)...

  • pack the nebulizer, bottle warmer, thermometer, odd meds that I hope we don't need
  • get someone to feed the dog the last of the week and the weekend
  • get someone to pick-up the mail Wed-Sat
  • call the hospital to see if we can do her sedated MRI's while we're inpatient :)
  • talk husband into checking on the mice and feeding them occasionally (pet ones!)
  • get other weird things together like the only foods I can get into Brianna, an assortment of baby foods for little man, and snacks for K man and some midnight treats for Mom and Dad :)
  • Gather blankets, pack 'n plays, clothes to last about 5 days for everyone... just in case.  Ah, and let's not forget diapers and wipes x3 (well, sortof, since E will be in the hospital it's mostly just for 2), and the actual bottles themselves.  Formula.  Coke (Mom's formula!).  What other "weird stuff" am I forgetting?
  • Tylenol (new bottle!)  Melatonin.  Prescription meds.  Ah... the list goes on... I think know I'm bringing more on this trip for just a few days than we did to Ukraine for 7 weeks!  Babies do that to ya...


  1. Just in case you get no time to blog later!

    I wanted to let you know that I am sending prayers and hugz that ALL will go well!!!

  2. We can pick up the mail Wed - Sat. We can also feed the dog.( we will need a key )

    Let us know if you need any help with anything else.

    Mom & Dad C

  3. We got a neighbor do stop in on the dog but thank you!


  4. Prayers are with you and family. Coloring books and crayons were always nice for my other kids when William had heart surgery. Wonder color markers are great NO MESS!