Sunday, June 29, 2008

Updates all around

Ok, so, the update on Emma has been a running thread, so here's what's up with the rest of the family!!

Michael is doing well, he had an ok birthday although I hope he and I will get an evening away once Emma is ready to be left for a few hours so we can have some time-alone. He's in the middle of another Master's course right now and will finish it in mid-August. At the moment the plan is for him to take off that next 8-week class that will begin the Monday after Emma's open heart so that he can concentrate more on work and home for that 2 months. God's timing is perfect, so we're just praying to be sure that's what he needs to do.

I am doing well. Though I don't talk of it often, I've made it back up to my target-weight and am happy to be here. I have the opposite issue that some have and when I lose weight it's sometimes hard for me to gain it back. Although... if I begin to gain unhealthy weight I can put it on just like everyone else! Being at a healthier weight helps me to feel better and have more energy too, and I'm glad to have gained back a majority of what I lost in Ukraine. Yes, it took me 4 months and a hospitalization for Emma. Next hospital stay I'll likely gain more than I want to :)

Kristopher is awesome, that's all I need to say. This morning he went and got dressed as he was asked and told us calmly where the spots of blood were in both the family room and the kitchen. He'll be well prepared for emergency management if he keeps his cool that well as he gets older. Momma and Daddy are pretty good about it too, so he doesn't usually feel the need to freak out. He's just an awesome kid with a heart of gold. Yesterday we were all sitting at the kitchen table in the afternoon and Mike got up leaving his computer out. K was watching the video he had going and then said "why'd it stop?" Mike said "well, you must have touched something. Did you?" K's response? "well.... I MAY have..." LOL He cracks me up. Then when asked what he touched he pointed it out. "This one, and this one..." "And did you press THIS?" "Oh, yes, that one too." LOL Anyway, he's doing great. Kristopher will start K-4 in early-mid August at Park Avenue and I know he'll LOVE going.

Brianna is getting so good with walking! We got her wheels for her walker (back wheels) and she immediately went over to it, stood up, turned around, and walked across the room! She can almost get to a stand without leaning on anything or holding on. She crouches forward and sticks that bottom up in the air. She's SO CLOSE to doing it without anything! She also is doing great walking with just one finger out to her and she loves her walker. Brianna's getting so independent and confident in her movement that when she gets that extra little bit of confidence she needs to go forward she'll be OFF AND RUNNING! Oh, and a bit of balance wouldn't hurt :) She's using more words, copying more, and signing up a storm too. She's especially amazing at giving hugs and kisses. She loves to hug and kiss all of us- Micah and Emma the most of all!

Micah is getting around well too! He's officially CRAWLING! Not too quick yet, but he's doing it, down in 4-pt and so well! He also is getting up onto his hands and FEET and staying that way for short periods of time. It's amazing to see how much he's changed in not quite 4 months! Micah is just as kissy and huggy as Brianna and when he sees someone he knows he starts blowing kisses across the room :) He's partial to Brianna's hugs and kisses tho! Micah has porked up and we're now making sure he doesn't eat TOO much. An unfortunate side-effect of being hungry for a long time is not being able to know when he's had enough. We broke out the 18 mos clothes yesterday and he's almost 22 months, so he's really catching up!

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  1. Wow, Micah has made AMAZING progress since he has been home! When you get a chance, you should post a video of Micah crawling. :)

    I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well.