Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Glasses and walker wheels

Yesterday we went down to the opthalmologist office and tried on another set of frames that were ordered for Micah and Emma. THEY FIT! YAY! I left the script there and they should have them ready with their prescription lenses in a week or so.

Also, Brianna's PT was able to get ahold of the back wheels for her walker, so they're at the Children's Center this morning and I can go pick them up.

The walker, however, will be staying here because there's just now way for us to fit it into the car with 4 carseats, 2 pack 'n plays, a suitcase for the kids, one for me, a double and a single stroller, and of course odd bags with formula/bottles/babyfood, snacks (ie:meal supplements for picky eaters), drinks. Can't leave home without a few special toys and activities to occupy K during nap time too! The car is not just packed... it's PACKED!

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