Sunday, June 29, 2008

We're home... again...

Where did we go, you ask? Because just 10 hours ago I was sitting right here telling about my adventures in stupidity with the O2 compressor. Yes, well, we took a road trip. To the ER.

At about 8am we got the kids all up and Emma was not feelin great. Got her pain meds in her and her morning heart meds. With that she started gagging and spitting out marble-sized chunks of coagulated blood. (if that has you queezy stop reading now!). She also had a lot of fresh blood coming up and continued for a few minutes. We called Mike's parents (woke them up- thanks for coming so quickly this morning Peggy!!) and then the ped's office. We already knew we were headed to the ER but wanted to at least call her ped.

After sitting on hold for 7 minutes- which when your child is screaming and spitting up blood seems MUCH longer- I got a nurse and a page in to the dr. Got dressed, grabbed an overnight bag and stuffed it quickly then headed out the door when Mike's mom arrived. She'd continued to spit up coagulated blood another 3 or 4 times and had a constant drip of blood from her mouth. We rinsed it with water from a syringe, tossed her in the car and headed West.

In the car I called the ENT and we quickly got a call back that we could probably go to Orlando and didn't have to go to St. Pete for this. Of course if it does it again, we need to go to St. Pete for another visit to the OR for it to be fixed.

So... went to the ER at Arnold Palmer. Surprisingly they took us in immediately (the poor lady in front of me had to go sit and wait, I got an evil eye LOL), checked her out, her SATS were low but OK. They looked at her throat and said it's really irritated so is likely the cause of all the blood, but no active bleeds, which is good. Then we gave her some anti-nausea medication since she probably swallowed a lot of blood. They said to wait 20 min, feed her, and if she keeps it down we're ok to go. Within 90 minutes we were IN AND OUT of the ER! That's unheard of!

We stopped at Einstein Bagel Bros. for a quick bagel for breakfast... or was it now lunch? and headed back to the house. She's now resting somewhat peacefully with oxygen and a pulse ox and running a bit low sats but ok. Now I'M ready for a nap!

I think Emma just wants to make sure I never run out of writing material, though I'm sure you all would much rather hear about the new tricks the kids have learned than the next medical adventure.

Which reminds me, updates on all the kiddos are coming soon! Promise!


  1. Aww!! Poor Emma! Poor you too! I have been quite impressed with Arnold Palmer hospital lately. I'm glad to hear it wasn't anything super super serious, and that you got to go home so quickly! I hope the little girl lets you get some rest :)

  2. My goodness! What a long ride! I hope everyone stays healthy and well for a long time!

  3. Never a dull moment, eh? LOL Hopefully that is all it was was blood from scabs, but that sure does seem like a lot!! Sigh ... praying you can stay home more than 72 hours in a row. :)

  4. That just doesn't sound right. She isn't doing it anymore right? That is so scary. I would of been on the phone to 911.

    Big cyber hhugs and lots of prayers.

  5. Oh goodness, I got so scared reading this, poor little Emma, and you must be exhausted Meredith. Thank goodness she was OK. I know the lower sats are disconcerting,Meghan ran 86-95 for a couple of years, she wwas white as a sheet when the were low, they said it was normal for her, did not matter, it was hard on us. I can only imagine how worried you get for sweet Emma. Praying and sending hugs you way.

  6. Wow, God is giving you incredible strength and stamina.
    Praying for you and your wonderful kiddos. It's obvious that your love for them is immeasurable.