Monday, June 30, 2008

What do I do- UPDATED

now that Emma has decided that she's going to be mad and although she's leaving the O2 nasal cannula alone, she's also refusing to breathe through her nose? Her sats are under 87 unless she'll keep the bib in her mouth (she'll chew on it) but even then she's still breathing mostly through her mouth... I don't have a mask. Cutting off the prongs didn't work. Hmm.... Any thoughts?

I wondered whether the cannula was actually RESTRICTING her breathing... so I took out the pediatric nasal cannula and put in the infant one. The ONLY infant one that I have left because she ATE the other. So I didn't want to use it until I knew that I could get her to keep it on. Anyway, I tried switching, hopefully it'll do the trick!


  1. Umm, oxy tent? I know you don't have one handy, but I bet they can get you one. In the meantime ... ummm ... do you have a nebulizer mask? Would that work? Like she is going to sleep with a neb mask on. LOL UGH ... um, what about laying the blow by tube near her mouth?

  2. You are using an concentrator, right? Not tanks? You could crank up the flow or use a blow by. Or let her put the cannula in her mouth to really confuse her! I'll bet she isn't breathing entirely through her mouth. My little guy always has better sats when taking a bottle or a pacifier since he would be forced to breathe entirely through his nose instead of mixing with room air. Will she chew or suck on something?

  3. Is her nose plugged? Is the oxygen running continuously? Because even if she's not consciously breathing through her nose, the O2 continues to fill her mouth/nose cavity, so she should still be getting some oxygen as long as the oxygen is flowing.

  4. Do you have a 24 hour walgreens near you, or a pharmacy that's open late? They carry masks, and they're only about 6-5 bucks. I've had a pharmacy GIVE me one before!

  5. She's a stubborn little girl, isn't she? That has served her well in the past, I'm sure. I would think breathing thru her mouth would dry it out. Then again, O2 dries out the nose, even with the mist. It is probably habit too. Having had the tonsils, etc, she probably HAD to breathe through her mouth a lot. Hopefully you can keep her mouth full with chewing toys/bibs so she can get in the habit of breathing through her nose. I really don't have any ideas. I can't see her wanting the mask on.