Monday, June 02, 2008

Hmm, one day at a time?

'Today was a LONG day.  One of the days from that old song "momma said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this my momma said..."  Yesterday ended at 11:30pm when I finally got to sleep and today started at 4:30am.  A little too close together for my liking.  I still have a sore throat on and off and really wasn't feeling great after so little sleep.  Micah and Emma both got up at 4:30 and had bottles (unusual for Emma!) and then Emma sat and kicked the wall in her bedroom-- I had to keep going in to get her to stop so she wouldn't wake Brianna.  Micah was just AWAKE.  Finally he decided he'd be content in the swing and around 6:30 I fell back asleep on the couch.  7:00 Kristopher got up.  Good stuff.

I went and laid down for a few after Mike got up but couldn't sleep so I got up and showered.  Mike went in to work a little late since he's working all evening tomorrow.  He bathed two, I bathed two in the other bathroom, and the kids were all up, fed, showered, and dressed in record time.  I prepped Brianna and she was ready and excited about having OT at 10.  If she's not aware that it's happening or in a bad mood then it makes therapy tough.  She was ready today tho!  She clapped her hands when I told her the therapist was coming and she was HAPPY about it! Yay!  Then about 10:10 I remembered that the OT had canceled today.  Oops!

We just sort of hung out today.  Cleaned up here and there, did some laundry, played, whatever.  Had some lunch, I gave Micah an early nap because we had eye appointments for him and Emma in the afternoon and I didn't want him to be a crab.  Everyone else ate and Brianna went down to nap.  I'm all ready to walk out the door except I still need to look over the directions again.  I go grab the notebook and look it up- and I realize the appointment is TOMORROW.

Well... So much for that idea.  I called just to double check since I'd written it on my calendar as today and sure enough, tomorrow. 2 and 3pm.  Ugh.  I thanked them on the phone and went on my way.  An hour later the phone rings.  It's to confirm my appointment for Emma tomorrow.  Yes, we'll be there, and while you're at it, Micah's got an appointment and he'll be there too.  Great, thanks, see ya.  Another hour later and Brianna is waking up, Micah just went back to sleep.  I decided that since K and Bria wanted to play in Brianna's room I'd just lay on the bed in there.  Emma was asleep too.  I lay down, get nice and comfy, drift a bit but that's fine- the only two awake are right here.  Then the phone rings.  It's the ophthalmologist.  They'd like to confirm Micah's appointment for tomorrow!  UGH!  Yes, once again, he WILL be there... They must want to be REALLY sure.  I talked to the office three times today and all three times told them Micah will be there!

Fast forward not so far and Mike came home then left for school.  We all ate left over pizza (Thanks Elizabeth ;) ), and now the kids are watching a nice little movie while mom stares at them and chills a little.  Thank God for Chicken Little.  And Coke.  The cola kind.  And for banana smoothies, cold pizza, and Grandmommy that says "sure, I'll watch them tomorrow instead."  8pm.  Bed time.  For EVERYONE :)

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