Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Darth Emma

Darth Vader has nothing on this kid! I was sitting in the girls' room tonight while they fell asleep and could tell when Emma made it there. Her breathing went from normal-ish if not just a bit fast to this:

Yes, I did it again. I posted another video with no picture because it's dark in their room just so you could hear her. Personally, I prefer the giggling and I hope to hear it again very soon after her surgery next week (tho I'm sure she'll bless us with more giggles in the meantime too!)


  1. Sounds like Sarah prior to her tonsillectomy. Now it is quiet, in fact at first it was so quiet I could not sleep. I had gotten use to hearing her on the monitor and the quiet was too quiet!! We are praying for Emma!


  2. She sounds just like my Emma! (we think Em needs her adnoids out)

  3. Poor Emma!!! Sounds like she is having such a hard time breathing!

  4. WOW! That's some heavy breathing!