Monday, June 09, 2008

T&A Surgery Scheduled!

She'll be having her tonsils and adenoids out, tubes put in her ears, and a sinus swab done NEXT THURSDAY! Wow, that's quick! We'll go to St. Pete on Wednesday, stay the night at the Ronald McDonald House and the next morning she'll have her surgery. We already know they'll be keeping her at least one night and she'll be in ICU after surgery. We'll spend at least 2 days there, maybe more, but it will be so good to have this behind us!

PLEASE pray for Miss Emma! Any surgery at all is life threatening to her right now and she needs those prayers more than ever. We do too, it's going to be a rough time for the rest of the family as well. We plan to bring all 3 of the other kids over to St. Pete with us along with my mom and she'll watch them so we can see Emma, but we'll trade off some and make time for them to spend with one of us too. K especially keeps asking if we're leaving again to go to Ukraine and Brianna's had a hard time with us leaving even for Dr's appointments, so we want them close by.  Of course we know they'd survive if we left them but this is more about finding the most comfortable situation for everyone in the midst of an uncomfortable situation :)

If Emma could talk, she'd say:

"Спасибо за молитвы! Кстати, Я пытаюсь сесть и я могу положить мои ноги за мою голову"

"Thanks for the prayers! By the way, I'm trying to sit up and I can put my foot behind my head"

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  1. We'll be praying for you guys!

  2. Great Russian! We will definitely be praying!

  3. I'll be praying for her and all of you! Hey, putting your foot behind your head is quite a feat, I can't do that!! :)

  4. Miss Emma will be in our prayers.

    Cute pictures

  5. I love that she's trying to sit up! And I've just added her to my calendar, phone, and computer for that day, so we'll be praying.

  6. Prayers are being offered. My young cousin had similar surgery shortly after coming home from Ukraine, and is doing so well now. There's no more "snoring like a Russian sailor", her parents tell me :-), and her speech really took off once she could hear more clearly. No more chronic ear infections, either, plus faster weight gain, less frenetic false energy, no shadows beneath her eyes, and much healthier color in her face now.

    May Emma have similar good outcomes...

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky,
    cousin to two from Ukraine

    P.S. Congratulations on that sitting-up effort! Go, Emma!!

  7. oh she will feel so much better after those tonsils are out, our daughter started speaking more and eating more and it was a great leap in so much. Her hearing everything will get better, even her balance if she is all clogged up. I bet she'll be sitting in a couple of weeks no problem. Yeah!! best of luck, Amy O.

  8. We are praying for your precious family!