Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Despite his seeming disconcern...

Kristopher truly has a soft heart for his sisters and brother! Yesterday when Brianna was knocked over by the dog (whose owners we did get ahold of that night and let them know that in the future I will be forced to call the pound if I'm home alone and the dog is coming into my garage and messing with my kids while I am having to do things....) Kristopher was hollering from the van and later told me that Brianna fell hard (I didn't see the dog approach) and he was sad for her to be hurt. He also has wanted her to follow him around and play with him the past few days. Of course Brianna's been a bit reluctant but...

Kristopher is always quick to tell me if Micah has spit up or if someone has a arunny nose or needs help or has something/is somewhere they shouldn't. Our little man doesn't have this responsibility (we don't get on his case if he doesn't tell us) but he has taken it upon himself to do so.

It's nice to see that today he is loving and caring for his siblings as though he actually likes them :) Maybe that second letter from Santa did the trick...? (more on that later!)

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