Friday, July 02, 2010


My washing machine is dying. Which is a blessing and a curse. I'm disappointed to have to do it, but I'm also GLAD to get to finally replace it with a machine that will do a larger load at a time!

Now, I'm just STRIKING OUT though!

I've researched, and researched, and finally decided on FOUR different washers and dryers. And each time I try to order them, it says they're out of stock! It is driving me NUTS! I liked one, tried to buy it, didn't work. Found another. Didn't work. And another. And another! Now, 'm tired of looking.

Sears is having an appliance sale with 20% off this weekend... and I can't seem to order a washer and dryer for anything!

Tomorrow I think we're going to be taking a little road trip with our crew of nine down to Sears to pay a visit and find out what I can order, and to ORDER it! Most things take 7-9 days to come in, some more like 14-21, and I don't want to wait until August and have to wash 1/2 loads of clothes in the mean time.

Our current washer the top of the agitator isn't agitating, and clothes are coming out with soap on them still from not being moved around and washed and rinsed. So, 1/2 loads (in an already smaller-size... but not as small as my last one...) it is until we get a new washer!


  1. Did you notice, you said 'out of storck'? Something like a freudian slip!!??!! :)

  2. said stork. Ordinarily I would think that's a typo but this is YOU.... ;)

    Try Sears in person. We love our Kenmore front loader. I spend half the time on laundry that I used to spend with the last machine.


  3. Lowe's is having a 20% off Whirlpool appliances and 10% off all others. My dryer just died a couple days ago and we went and found one there for a good price.

  4. Do you have an Appliance Direct near you (that place with the cheesy commercials)? Our washer died last year and we were able to get one in stock same day.