Sunday, July 27, 2008

What can we do?

I don't have time right now to put together a Q&A, and I have a lot of e-mails to compile for the Church post, but I continue to receive input and will post later on with all the suggestions, explanations of programs, etc. that I've received through e-mail (THANKS to all who sent me info!). But, across the board the top question to me has been "what can I do?" So... here's what you can do...

If you're not local to us (ok, even if you are!), then the absolute best thing you can do is continue to pray for Emma, for Mike, and I, for our other kids and extended family/friends that will be helping us through this time.

Here are some of the specific things we need prayer for other than the obvious health/rest, etc.
- childcare for the kids and fun things for them to go do while I'm away and Mike is working. (specifically some Thurs/Fri's during work hours for each of the 3 kids which is still unsettled- grandparents are doing the other days) This is a much greater task when there's more than 2 kids and most people aren't comfortable with all 3 on their own.
- safety in traveling- Mike and I will drive over separately so that I have a car there and he'll return probably Tuesday. After that he may bring the kids over on the weekend to visit. Each trip is about 3 hours one way.
- that Mike will be able to accomplish all he needs to before we go. He is the network administrator and in charge of all the computers, network, e-mail system, and phone system for both the church and school... and teachers come back on Wednesday the 6th. Though he plans to be at work on the 6th to tackle any major issues that come up, he needs to be all set for the first day before we leave... and then he has a conference in Orlando on the 7th and 8th so he really needs to be on top of things and didn't get a whole lot of notice to get it all done.
-that Kristopher will enjoy the VBS and be comfortable even though he's never been to that church (but at least 3 friends will be in his class I understand, so I think he will but I'm nervous because that's what Mom's do when they're not here!)
- and of course, finances to work out for all of the expenses from eating lunches at the hospital, to paying for our room at the RMH, gas for the multiple round trips, and then the actual medical expenses that we need to cover.

Thank you all for praying!

If you are someone the kids know personally- and us too of course- (though I'm sure others have great intentions, now's not a good time for 'new sitters') and are interested in helping with a kid or two for a day or part of a day, please send me an e-mail at THANKS!


  1. I'll take all three if you need me to! I would be happy to have them! I know it would be a very full day, but I don't mind. I can arrange for something for the little ones to sleep in for naps.

  2. Meredith, We can't wait to see you! Praying that all the details work themselves out and always for Emma.

  3. I don't know if you know this, but at our children's hosp in NO if you are there with a child you can get some type of mean card for the cafeteria and get a considerable discount. My husband and I found this out after 10 days of being there for williams heart surgery. You may want to check into this

  4. We will absolutely keep you all in our prayers!

  5. On Hospital stays when Ben was sick and could not eat anything, the hospital brought three meals a day to the room for me instead. It really saved alot. Since Emma doesn't get regular foods they would probably do this for you if you asked. Plus we got the meal card for the cafetaria like narreto was taking about.

    See you tomorrow.


    Mom C

  6. Some hospitals give free caretaker meals and others don't-- they all should. I found if I ordered specific meals in our Children's Hospital they charged me for it, but if I took the generic tray it was free. There will be a social worker assigned to you, that would be the person to talk to; ask the nurse to send her to you. The SW can usually help you set up lodging in a Ronald McDonald House or something similar, too, if you live a distance away from the hospital and you aren't allowed to stay with Emma in her room. We weren't allowed to sleep in Joel's room when he was in PICU after heart surgery, he had a one-on-one nurse and too many machines in the room.
    You can also add a chip-in button or something to help with gas money! I'm sure people would love to help and that's a specific way.

  7. Hey Girl, Kim told me they had moved up the surgery. So glad to hear that and I'll be praying for you all!

  8. Praying for all of you!

  9. We will keep those prayers coming.

    Natalie (RR)

  10. Hey Guy's,
    I'm glad you found the books!! I'm available if you need me, I can come to your house or mine, which ever is easier.We both continue to pray for you as well as for Emma. I start work on the
    12th so up until then I can help out! We love you guy's.
    Love Val

  11. If you have your computer with you here are some of my favorite places.

    Kids sites

    Interesting sites

    will be praying for you


  12. We are praying continually for you guys!!

  13. will be thinking of you - pray that all those loose ends get tied up nicely and its as smooth sailing as things can be.