Thursday, July 31, 2008

What were YOU doing at 3am?

I was up playing with the pulse ox. I was attempting to get it to work again. No go. I tried a new prove (but the other was only 24 hours old since I hadn't had any probes for 5 days before that...) then I tried plugging it in without the extension. I unplugged everything and plugged everything back in. I switched toes that it was on. I tried her thumb. IT DIDN'T WORK. So I took it off and I went to sleep. No alarms, no buzzers, and would you know that she actually left her O2 on prety decent and when I checked on her she still was wearing it? Nice :)

This afternoon it's working.. after messing with it for 15 minutes. UGH.

If you're one of the 4 people that's waiting on a package from me- it's in the mail!! The toys, Ukrainian goods, and the madrushka keychains are all on their way, thanks for your patience!

We're off in about 3 hours to head to St. Pete. Just my big girl and me. I'm sure it'll be nice to have some time alone with Emma, despite the circumstances. Tonight we'll have dinner together, we'll snuggle in bed together, and tomorrow we'll have breakfast together before headint to the hospital. Then in the afternoon we'll have lunch together and drive home. Please pray for safe travels as we hit the wet roads this afternoon.

More later... I met with the little one's program director for the fall today so I have good stuff to share... eventually :) Now I'm off to do laundry and dishes. They're calling my name :)


  1. Our prayers are always with you and it will be nice to have Emma all alone (like you said despite circumstances). Thank you for even mentioning the packages, I know if it were me that would be the last thing on my mind, but thank you for even thinking of it.

  2. Well, we were also up at 3am. Maybe we should combine children. I'll take the sleepers!!lol. We had a storm last night so Elijah was in our bed, so at 3am I was pulling feet out of my back and moving him over! I can remember looking at the clock. We will be praying for a good nights rest and travel mercies for you.


  3. Well I'm not going to tell you what I was doing at 3am, but it was alot more fun!! lol

    Glad she kept the O2 on! Wish you were getting more sleep!

  4. Drive safe today! And best wishes :)

  5. Actually I was up at 3am also. Just couldn't sleep and so I got up and read my bible without any interruptions. Yeah! Praying for a good outcome for your precious Emma.