Saturday, July 12, 2008

Barf and Fun

Yep, I'm on a blogging marathon...

Emma's thrown up twice today and once yesterday. The first time today was at Home Depot. EWWWWWWWW Yesterday it was while I was at Lowes- she was at home with Daddy though.

Luckily, we found what we wanted at Home Depot! I was so glad! We needed 2 things- track lighting for the Family room since the bulbs broke the wiring when they unscrewed-- I guess it was time. Not a bad price on them (surprisingly better than Lowe's) and I think they're pretty too... so that helps!

Also, we got our HAMMOCK SWINGS FROM IKEA on Monday!! My Aunt and Uncle sent us a gift card to buy them but they've been out of stock for WEEKS. Once we got it home we realized that we needed an extra long length of rope because of the 10' ceilings, so I went to Lowe's last night then we all went to Home Depot today because we didn't find it at Lowe's. We found some today :) :) Hopefully in our nice stormy weekend we will be able to get them hung up on the porch!! THANKS UNCLE WALT AND AUNT DOT!

And... when I was finally going through things in my desk that had been somewhat randomly (by my assessment anyway, I'm sure there was some order...) while we were gone, I came across a note from a friend, Jen, which included gift cards to Home Depot to help with the kids' rooms or whatever else we might need. Well, the kids' rooms are done and unfortunately I forgot that we'd been given these to help do them, but we were VERY grateful to have them today because they paid for the two lights that we really needed as well as the rope and a little bag of M&M's (which we bought because we had a dollar left on the card LOL). THANKS JEN!!

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