Wednesday, July 02, 2008


What's up with the watermarks on all the recent pictures? Those haven't been there before, have they?

Well... unfortunately the world just isn't a safe place all the time! Actually, I've been considering this for a while but on one of my support boards we've recently had an issue where a person was pretending to be mom to a sick little preemie with Ds and had stolen pictures from someone's blog and posted them as her own. In light of this- within a fairly "trusted" community, I've begun to go back and watermark pictures. If you are a family member or close friend and would like a high-resolution photo that I've posted and you'd like a copy of, e-mail me anytime and let me know the post it's on and which one it is and I'll be happy to send you a better copy than what you could save from the blog anyway! Oh, and That's our WAY out of date family website :) which, by the way, needs to be watermarked too... one day.

Just thought I'd explain. Keeping things real- and keeping them safe :)


  1. if you want a mask i am a respiratory therapist, i can get u one but the flow has to be higher, like 5 lpm. email me ur address and i can send u one.
    p.s. i love ur blog, glad people like u are out there. it brakes my heart to think off all the kiddos out there needing homes.

  2. That is just horrible about the person faking!
    Back when i was on a multiples board, we had a woman fake being a triplet mom. She had COMPLETELY stolen another woman's
    Crazy people!

  3. How very scary and sad.


  4. What has this world come to? Please tell me how to do this to my pics

  5. holy smokes... this creeps me out. the lengths some people will go to do deceive is unreal. I don't post a lot of pictures of my family (my husband has always been concerned about safety...this is probably why.) but I guess I am going to have to figure out how to do this to the ones I do post. thanks for sharing.

  6. The world is full of scary people. We have a family blog but have it as invite only. My husband is a police officer and I really don't want someone to google his name and find our kids pictures instead.

    I don't want to seem paronid but you might want to consider where you put the watermark. . .I was look through some and noticed that you put them pretty close to the bottom. If someone is willing to "steal" them, it wouldn't take much to crop that part of the photo off.

  7. Too bad people have to be so strange. I do worry about putting all our pictures on the internet. You never know what sick people will do. So sorry. Great to see Briana making such progress.

  8. Do you have to go back and watermark each one individually? I too am on Downsyn and was going to watermark my photos, but did not know how to do it. I am also using Windows Live Writer. Thanks.


  9. Meredith, I hope you don't mind that I linked to your post on my blog. I read several posts today about watermarks and thought my circle of adoptive Mamis should know about it too. If you want me to unlink your blog, just send me a note and I will do so. thanks

    peace and blessings,