Thursday, July 17, 2008

So... in other news...

What do you suppose is more frustrating than taking over an hour to complete what ended up being a 2-minute conversation? How about writing out a big long venting blog about it and then hitting PUBLISH POST and realizing I lost my wireless connection. Oops. Oh well, it's gone, and it's probably better that way anyhow.

In other news... That hour I just spent on the phone was SUPPOSED to be spent writing up what the kids do at dinner/bedtime and getting the house ready for BABYSITTERS. YEP, we're going OUT! Doesn't happen very often, but we have two very trusted college gals coming over to keep up with our 4 little monkeys tonight and Mike and I are going to go have dinner ALONE at Smoky Bones in Orlando. And the kids... yes, they behaved during my phone time! Mostly because 3 were asleep (Micah woke up near the end but only fell over and hit his head and screamed once during my 2 minute conversation, so that's not too bad) and Kristopher was kindly rearranging my baskets on the changing table. He thought that the nice white lined wicker baskets would go better in the playroom with the little kids' toys in them and the pastel pink and yellow plastic bins would be better with diapers and baby accessories on the changing table. Not too bad as far as K's rearranging goes, and yes, I already made him put the stuff back :) Today's been a MUCH better day for K because after yesterday, he KNOWS I'm serious, and that can be a very good thing :) :) I just hope he behaves for the sitters tonight! (And I hope they haven't read my blog to know what they're getting themselves in to or they might not show up! LOL)


  1. Have fun tonite!! It's about time you two went out without any kids in tow! Enjoy yourselves :) I'm sure the babysitter(s) will be fine :).

  2. Have a great night! There is nothing quite like a night out minus the kiddies :)

    Kelly S

  3. Congratulations on the date night! You guys really deserve it. We had our Down syndrome meeting tonight and I hope you don't mind that I requested a few extra prayers for you guys. I can't imagine how difficult things are for you, but you seem to have the right support system in place to give you some of the assistance you need. I only wish we lived closer.