Thursday, July 17, 2008


I have made 2 phone calls in the past 25 minutes. That's ALL I've done. I called the first # which told me to call the second. I called the second and waited on hold for 23 minutes. Then a lady picked up, I explained what I needed (to reinstate an application that "was denied due to time-period lapse" but still is good for another 20 days...) and she offers to MAIL ME another one. No no no... I want you to reinstate the 20 page application I ALREADY filled out and is ALREADY halfway done, yet is waiting for SS#'s for my kids, which I NOW applied for and want to get rolling. Then she says "let me review your case, hold on just a moment." I hold. Again, for 20 seconds, then she comes back, says "ok" and HANGS UP ON ME. YEP. I waited to see if she'd put me back on the lovely dead-silent hold, but no, it rings and says "if you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again."

So I try again. Sure, I've got another 25 min to wait on hold... What else would I be doing today? The machine answers "Due to a high call volume all representatives are now busy. Please try again later. CLICK." That's it. Now the MACHINE hung up on me. Hmm... I'm NOT liking this system so much right about now.

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