Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Q for those with kids on O2

What do you do when they have a runny nose? Or a stuffy nose?

Emma's SAT alarm went off every 20 minutes all night. I finally set the alarm lower but it still went off every 45 min or so. Nothing I could do about it except check her and make sure she's ok. The ENT's office called and said that the sinus culture they took does show bacteria and she should continue the antibiotic that she was prescribed. Except, we were told by the ENT not to fill the prescription because she'd reacted to the antibiotics in the hospital and we were waiting for the culture to know exactly what to treat it with. Just yesterday Emma's nose started getting stuffy and last night, although she had the nasal cannula in, she was alarming regularly and breathing through her mouth.

I realize this is probably what Emma's been doing for 5 years and it's not likely going to hurt her, but I also know that the cardio said that by keeping her SATS up that it will basically prep her lungs better for surgery by allowing them to stay 'relaxed'. So we're trying our best to do just that-- keep her SATs up. But... there's only SO MUCH we can do!

Any suggestions would be wonderful. Can't put the nasal cannula in her mouth because she chews through it and it's a choking hazard. Don't have a mask. Just out of ideas! Thanks!!


  1. Even with the misting, it's probably drying her out too. One thing they put Sawyer on that helped a lot (as if she needs any more drugs) was Rhinocort. (I think that's the spelling) It is a mild steroid spray. Couple of puffs in each nostril per day, kept the sinuses clean and snot free and infection free. I was told it was not 'harmful' by the doctor. That's my suggestion for the day.


  2. Can't you just get a mask? If not- How about taking two lines, taping them to the very edge of the cracks of her mouth that way when she breathes through her mouth she has oxygen shooting right at the front? You can also bottle feed her with the nipple in her mouth and the hose taped to the top of the bottle shooting towards her nose so she has no choice but to breath it in during feedings.
    Also, what about nebulizer treatments? Something misty with extra oxygen and mist to keep her clear and getting a boost of air?

  3. I was going to suggest a mask as well. I have some that have never been used if you want to try them! I would also consider saline nasal spray. It doesn't have any medication in it, it just helps clear the stuffiness. I feel for you right now, the first few weeks we had Addy home those alarms were constant, makes for some rough days and nights.

  4. Here's the website. I swear by this stuff. If they'd let me keep him on it, I would. It was a god-send. He won't take oral meds at all. So the only thing I can do is baby saline spray. it helps alot. So if they won't do the rhinocort, try the saline. (Baby Ayr is good)


  5. If you talk to the oxygen guy, he may be able to get you a couple masks. Good luck!!

  6. Hi Meredith:
    Hope you all are getting some much needed rest (I know, fat chance with 4kiddos eager to explore). My daughter isn't on O2 but I am a nurse. The Ayr gel is great for little (or big) noses and I think I remember using another baby product which was just saline but in a gel form so Emma wouldn't fight you. The Ayr gel is the only thing I can get in my daughter's nose when she is dried out from allergy medicine or her seizure medicine. She is 5. I would also try the mask. Even with the humifier on the O2 a nose can dry out. How is Emma eating now, any better since being home.Have you tried Pedilyte to help with hydration. Sorry, more products to try and not knowing if she will tolerate it. As for the alarms, she was probably worse before her surgery with her sats, but no one knew since she wasn't being monitored. Now that her airway isn't obstructed she is probably getting more O2 that the monitor reads. Her body will take some time to adjust before and after surgery. Hang in there. Praying for you and your family as you endure these next few weeks. Take care and God Bless!

    Thanks for posting about K, she is so adorable, we are praying for her too.

  7. When william had low stats in the Dr office we were transported to the child. hosp 1 hr away. They did not have a canula small enough for him, so they put a hole through a styrophom cup and put the o2 tube through that. I know that Emma would eat though that type of cup, but do you think you could think of some other type of contraption with that type of opening so that it would be getting O2 into her mouth since that is how she seems to breath? Does this make sense to you? hOpe so.

  8. Meredith, both with Andy, who had O2 24/7 till he was 5 and now when Alexi gets a URI, I tent them. There is a full crib tent or a smaller one that covers their upper body. With Alexi, I have to wait until he is actually asleep and then slip the smaller tent over him. Andy never really fought his O2. He'd had it almost since birth, even now as a teen he ocassionally needs some with a severe URI.