Saturday, July 05, 2008

Busy weekend?

Actually... NO! :) This weekend has been nice and calm! We've had a chance to do a few 'deep cleaning'/organizing tasks that just haven't been able to get done the past few weeks, Mike mowed the lawn, we caught up on laundry (if that's possible... it lasted a minute anyway!), we SLEPT- like... took a nap AND slept at night :D :D Heaven!... I cooked a big pasta smorgesborg yesterday with cheese ravioli and a choice of marinara or alfredo sauce, shells with cheese and a choice of tuna or chicken, peas and chopped onion, and some creamed corn. Believe it or not, everyone ate really well and we had leftovers for lunch today :).

Last night we all went in the pool- well, in shifts :) The girls and K and Mike and I went in first then I got out with the girls and Micah got in for some 'guy time' in the pool. Both of the little ones LOVED the pool once again! Emma is great about laying on her back and pumping her arms- looks liks she could swim! Of course with her new ear tubes we had to be careful she didn't get water in her ears. Brianna has them too. The kids were all good and WORN OUT and all crashed pretty quickly an hour after bedtime when they'd finished their bottles/milk and brushed their teeth. All of them wore new PJ's from Grandmommy- except the girls' pj's are still quite a bit big and Brianna didn't want her pants on :)

Then, after everyone was in bed and asleep, we set all their monitors, found our monitor that switches between rooms, took away the remote control which opens the baby gate that's on the kids' hallway (essentially locking the kids in the the area where their rooms are- and since K is the only one not in a crib, well, that's for HIM). Now that K can't wander, we know he won't go looking out the front door for us while we're IN THE POOL. Yep, we turned the jacuzzi back on (had it on just to warm up a little so we could get the babies in... the pool was warm but still cool when they have no body fat. Emma at least!) and we enjoyed some time WITHOUT KIDS! Actually, it was really nice and we didn't even have the monitor go off- Emma's alarms didn't go off- the kids didn't cry- K didn't go looking for us... all was quiet. Except for the fireworks literally going off over our house, but those were pretty too :)

Today's a lazy day. We let the kids stay in PJ's. Yep, all day. It's Saturday! And there's no reason for them to get dressed. Plus they all need baths and by the time I got around to being ready to do that they were ready for naps, and now they just woke up, and yes, 3:30 pm and my kids are all in their PJ's. Kristopher thinks it's great :) I did get dressed. Showered even! See? It's a great weekend ;)

Now, if you come over don't expect to be able to tell that we've spent the last 48 hours cleaning-- because you can't tell! No, we've been cleaning out the backs of things and closets and such. Not so much the vacuuming and mopping that also needs to get done. The weekend's not over yet though! How was your holiday? Happy 4th! (a little late!)

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  1. Wow, sounds like a perfect 4th of July. Dinner sounds like it was delicious! Watching fireworks from the jacuzzi, just you and your husband, with the kids asleep.. Like your own private show! How romantic!