Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love it when God uses me

I gotta say, most people wouldn't say this was God, but I do! LOL This afternoon I went to fit Emma's pulse ox on her toe and the light didn't light. No reading. I grabbed the last 'old' one to try it and it didn't work either. I searched the drawer... nothing. So I called the company and they'll get us one tomorrow. I didn't push the issue- it's late in the day and would be hard to get one tonight, I looked for another one that had been 'iffy' and set aside and I think they were thrown out. Anyway, I thought I'd give one last stab at it and try our local home health store- which usually just deals with adult stuff, but why not try?

Well, they put me on with the respiratory therapist and she says "Oh I'm SO glad you called!" um... ok? She asked me who I get home health stuff from, what type of supplies, does my insurance cover it... on and on. I don't generally mind answering questions, but I have to say I was a bit taken aback that I called her and she started asking all these questions. Well... they don't have the part. LOL But, she said that she often has parents call her that need home health companies and she didn't know where to send them. So she asked for the phone number of the home health company we were using, which I gladly gave along with the company we used for Brianna's feeding pump and supplies when she was on tube feedings. We hung up with her so excited that she finally had good info. TOO FUNNY! See? I guess God used me when I least expected it LOL

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