Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The day that went down hill

Today started off ok. Not too bad, really. All the kids ate a decent breakfast, they behaved, I dressed them all up in "dressy clothes" with the boys in button ups and the girls in sun dresses so that they could all go to a "ball". Kristopher and Micah were the princes and Emma and Brianna were princesses. We turned on a Disney Dance CD and did the Twist, the Hand Jive, YMCA, and a Mickey version of the Macarena. Brianna's favorite was the chicken dance. Emma liked "Shout" and giggled through it. Micah was mad because I kept putting his glasses back on him but kindof liked "Shout" too... since I could keep his hands off his glasses by throwing his hands up :)

I packed up drinks for everyone and chicken strips with a snack, gave everyone a clean round of diapers, and we filed into the car. It was about 11 and I called Mike to meet me at the park- we'd eat lunch, K and Bria could play on the swings and playset for a few, and we'd go for a nice long walk around the lake and look for gators (kidding- kindof).

We made it to the park, I took our the triple stroller, unfolded it and was surprised to see that sometime between now and its previous use it had gotten damp. There's mold. Luckily I had a thick blanket with me and I laid it over that seat. Our long afternoon trip to the park became lunch and a few minutes on the playset at that point though. I didn't want to go for a long walk with the stroller like that- I don't want anyone getting sick or putting their mouth on it. So we sat down to eat and I got right back up to go spray everyone down. MOSQUITOES. I'd planned for it and had some bug spray with me.

After just a minute my cell phone rang. Dr. H's office- the people that are scheduled to do Micah's ear tube surgery on Friday. By the way, he had pre-op scheduled this morning and missed it. Unless I can be there this morning- and the doctor is leaving soon- then he can't have surgery on Friday. Well, I'm sorry, but I got NO notification of this appointment! I haven't gotten a letter in the mail, no phone call 'reminder', and then the lady said that the hospital should have called to go over things as well-- they haven't! It's not like I'm never at home, and they obviously have my cell number, so this just doesn't line up for me. Regardless, we missed the appointment today, what would she like me to do? Oh, if I can come down now then it's still doable. Hmm... I have 4 kids, I just got to the park, we sat down to eat lunch, and you're 45 minutes away from here. Nope. Can't come now, sorry. So... Micah's surgery is off for Friday. I told them that Emma's having surgery in a month, so if it's not able to be scheduled before then not to bother. We'd schedule something after we come home from her open heart.

The lady was a little less than happy that I wouldn't be flying to her office to get this done, but in the great scheme of things, ear tubes- though I know he needs them- are not the end-all and be-all of our (or his) existance and when they scheduled this surgery a month and a half ago (or something like that) it didn't seem to be an emergency to them either. So... we'll reschedule when it works for both of us, and in the mean time I think he'll be just fine. It's not like he is having ear infections or any pain, he simply has a bit of unresolved fluid and his hearing isn't up to par. And it's been like that for 2 years probably. When we can get them done, I hope they help him tremendously. But really... I would have appreciated some notification that isn't just a call AFTER he missed his appointment. It would have been good to know when it was to start with.

Back to the park, the visit got a bit nicer because it ended up that some families we know from church have a regular play day there so we sat and talked with the moms while their kids (and eventually Kristopher too) went and played on the playset. So we had some adult company and then headed home for naps. Now I need to figure out what to do about the stroller! It's the only way I can take them all on a walk by myself- though I have to admit that it's so difficult to take apart and set-up that I haven't used it nearly as much as I'd like to.


  1. You could try spraying it with a bleach-solution (or if not bleach then something similar, i think oxyclean does the same effects..) and give it a little scrub... Does just the padding come off your stroller? I had one stroller that it did, just with a lot of snaps, and another stroller that didn't come off really until you took the whole thing apart! I am sorry Micahs surgury isn't going to happen, but if it was meant to happen, it would have! :) A few months down the road sounds fine, don't feel bad for it! like you said, he isn't in pain so I wouldn't worry.

  2. Hmm....I agree with Kathleen. You can just spray bleach on it and that will kill the mold. It may not look great but perhaps you can just cover that with a pillow case or something if the cover comes off?

    I am sorry about Micah's surgery. But you know what, it will be fine for a while and
    when the time is right for him to have his surgery it will work out perfectly.

  3. There is now a Comet product that is a Spray Gel, and bills itself as a Mildew Stain Remover. Ihave used it in a couple places and it was fantastic! I bet what you think is mold is not yet mold, and is actually mildew.
    I especially was interested in this product as the gel wouldn't run all over the place, but would stay where sprayed and do its job!!
    Hope you can find it!

  4. Oh Meredith...I'm sorry, that stinks. I know you'll be glad to have that over with.