Thursday, July 24, 2008


This morning there was no convincing Kristopher to go back and lay down for a little bit! A very excited little boy hopped into our bedroom and announced to the world that TODAY is his friend F's birthday and it's TIME TO GET UP! A little attempt to get him to watch cartoons (PBS) for a few didn't work out because the VCR had been left on and messes up the signal- welcome to the stone age, yes we use an antennae to watch TV :) We have 4 channels. He came back in and then proceeded to the playroom to check on the TV out there, only to find that I'd unplugged it a day or two before. Good kid doesn't mess with plugs (and good babyproofing makes it pretty much impossible most places too!). So, I was up. Turned on some cartoons, checked on the other kids and plopped down in the girls' room for a few minutes before Brianna announced to the world that she heard Kristopher saying "it's not loud enough... I can't hear it... I want to turn it up... I'm going to... I need it louder..." LOL. So she and I joined him in the family room.

Now I've not had a shower, the kids are all up and need baths this morning, it's 8:30 and though the kids have all had breakfast, noone is really "going" yet. In fact, Kristopher just asked if he could turn on Oliver & Company so Brianna could watch it with him. Yep, the old VHS from when I was a kid. Disney is timeless!

This afternoon Mike is getting a little visitor at work for a little while... Micah! He's going to hang out with Dad for the last bit of the day so that Brianna, Emma, Kristopher, and I can join F's family to see Chimps In Space and celebrate F's 5th birthday. (And my mom is coming too to help with the girls ;) ). Kristopher has been talking about it all week!

Now, if I can just get myself in gear to go for the day. I do 7:00 ok. I do 1:30am all right too. But something about the hours between 5 and 7 makes me SOO sleepy when I have to witness them! (and I was up at 1:30 3:30 and 5:30 with Emma... maybe that's part of it?).


  1. I too was up then... I'll be at the movie. what time to meet you and where? love, mom

  2. You're killing me Meredith! I bought Oliver & Co on VHS for my SON when he was little! I need to go lay down.........