Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ever heard of

I'll tell my fun shopping story in a minute, but if you're ever doing online shopping and you're looking for something specific, try to see what deals are going on and coupon codes are available at stores that carry that product!

Ok, so... Mike and I came to the conclusion that Micah has outgrown the infant carrier carseat. We have another carseat that's backward facing that's from a friend but we know is "safe" (never been in an accident and is within the expiration time-- did you know carseats have expiration dates on the back/bottom that is often times "stamped" into the plastic and therefore not noticable unless you LOOK FOR IT???). Well, I went to grab that seat- which has been floating around in other people's cars for my kids' use the past few months and realized when I switched the shoulder strap height that under the fabric cover the foam is NOT CONNECTED ON THE SIDES. Also known as torn up. Not safe. Trash.

Well, kids are all ready to go waiting on me to quickly (HAHAHA) install the carseat for Micah. I wasn't about to use it!! So then I remembered that last time we used my mom's car we put in our extra carseat that's Kristopher's instead of hers just because it was for a long trip and ours was a little more comfy. This ended up working to my advantage because... her carseat for K was in my garage AND it will also go backward facing! So I quickly (laughing again, yes) changed the harness and the buckle to a position that would better fit Micah and installed it in the car... crisis averted.

Mike and I had discussed purchasing the Radian 80 carseats for our kids because they have low muscle tone and really should be in a harness for more than just 40 lbs. Yes, I realize that Brianna and Emma are just now 20 lbs (and Micah too, actually) and won't be to 40lbs for quite some time... but I'd rather buy the carseat NOW that we'll use for a LONG time. Kristopher's carseats go up to 100lbs... but only up to 40 with the harness. Two of our rear-facing carseats also turn around and will go up to 40lbs with the harness... 80 lbs with the lap belt. The Radian 80 goes up to 80 lbs with the HARNESS. MUCH safer for kids with low tone!

We thought about waiting until after Emma's surgery- we have these kinds of thoughts a lot and it's not that I doubt the kind of fighter she is... it's just reality... and today since Micah's seat is trash we decided to go ahead and order it now. Either way it will be used and a good investment. The OUCH part is that this seat costs $280 at Target and most other stores, though it does often have free shipping (not available IN any stores). I did a search on and found a few places that have it for $250 and free shipping. Not bad, and one is the manufacturer itself I began to order it from them and saw a place for "coupon code" before I gave my financial info. Ah... coupon code. Can I find a coupon? I did a quick search for Sunshine Kids Coupon and the first hit was I looked and found codes not for the manufacturer's website, but other websites that carry their products. One was for a favorite website of mine to BROWSE but generally not to BUY. Well, it was 15% off an order of $100 or more (but not free shipping). The seat was $250. No free shipping. Well, my total check out price was $240.84 :) It saved me almost $40 over the price that most stores carried it for, and was $9 less than the cheapest store that I could find!

I'm pretty happy with my purchase and we should get the carseat in 7-10 days. Until then I hope my mom doesn't mind that we're using her carseat!


  1. Good shopping around Meredith...but let me tell you my little find....I needed 3 of these for my girls...i shopped around and found a authorized seller on ebay. got the Radian 80 shipped for 200....if you need more go to ebay and check it out!!!!

    Gotta love a good deal!

  2. When you need more seats, check the Graco Nautilus. Goes to 65 lbs in a 5 pt harness, then 100 lb in a lap belt. Fantastic price.

  3. I hate having to shop around for car seats. I was so close to buying the one you just bought for my two older kids. I finally got the britax regents and love them. They are super heavy but we don't move them around anyway. They go up to 80 pounds as well with the 5 point harness. 4 kids in 5 point harnesses takes awhile to get in and out of the car--doesn't it!!?! Let us know how you like the Radian 80. The regents do not go backwards like the radian does. Hope your kids like it.

  4. The Regent and the Nautilus are both great seats. I have them both for my kids. However, the Radian should last you almost as long since you have such little kids. The Regent goes to 80lbs but has higher harness slot than the Radian. However, if they outgrow the Radian and still need a harness you will want to look into a special needs seat, such as the Traveller Plus.

    I also have a Radian, my only caution is that it can be more difficult to install than the seat you are used to. So if you have any problems, you can go to the forums here for some help.

    There is likely even some techs in your area that could help you in person.

    Good for you for keeping them rear facing. It's refreshing to see someone who knows how much safer that is! Your kids are so little they will likely be able to rear face until they are 4 or 5. That is awesome!

  5. I had no idea that some booster seats could go up to 8o but only 40 with the harness. I bet Aysha's seat is one of them, she is misrable in her new booster seat, the botton part that locks in the harness hurts her legs :(