Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Sneaky Chef

Mike and I were talking last night about Brianna's very picky diet. She really doesn't experiment with foods much at all, doesn't like to be fed, doesn't like baby foods, and doesn't have a whole lot of teeth to chew with yet (6 front teeth and 1 set of top and bottom molars). We started talking about The Sneaky Chef- a book that came out not too long ago with recipes for things like brownies with spinach in them. It's using veggie purees inside of yummy stuff to get it in there without knowing.

Today Brianna hasn't eaten well and despite the Boost that she got added to her afternoon milk cup, I decided to make her a special smoothie. Brianna LOVES smoothies :) So I took the following ingredients and combined them in the blender:


Did you notice the labels? I mean, did you REALLY look?

017 018

She's currently chugging it down in the family room with all the kids watching a movie. It's pouring here. And Kristopher got a cup too, but to him it tastes strangely "Babyfoody". I'm really not sure why... And the rest is in a bottle for Emma later. (Micah can't have milk/yogurt so he's out on this one. But pretty much all of his bottles are 4 oz veggie, 2 oz fruit, 4 oz formula now :) ).


  1. yucky! :) Actually I was thinking of doing this with kylie but she wont even eat smoothies! She'll only eat "plain" food.. no mixing allowed. ugh... :) I also read in a parenting magazine about carrot puree brownies.. but there was an insane amount of sugar in them.

  2. I have this it last year....LOVE IT! While my kids have no problemn eating veggies (yes, strange kids), my DH does. I've made many of the recipes from this book and he had no clue there was anything different. I made the brownies for the board of directors that I'm on for Pierce's school and non of the ladies knew there was spinach and blueberries in them. Kaia is now in a picky phase of eating so I should get back into it again..

  3. I have to admit, that looks disgusting- but, if it works life is cool.


  4. Great idea. She will never know she is getting her vegetables. Way to go Mom!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You might like this blog with "green" smoothies. I made one with spinach, frozen strawberries and mangoes and it was delicious! Surprising since I've never had any of those foods before.