Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kristopher just said...

"MOM.... Micah's chasing the dog and he's going in the living room..."

I replied with "that's ok, he'll be fine, the dog can get away."

After all, Micah was just trying to pull the dog's tail a minute ago... what could happen LOL.

To that K replied "but MOM... it's NOT Ok."

Right, right, I know, I can't see them, why is my 4 year old the one pointing that out? Oh... maybe it's because I finally sat down with at least a drink since the kids decided there would be no napping today and I've yet to have any real meal...

"Well, I will get them in a minute, but he's ok until I" Nope, didn't finish my sentence.

K butt in with "MOM, it's not OK, you're supposed to say YAY MICAH!!! Because he's CRAWLING!"

"Ohhhh.... right... YAY MICAH!"

SO glad this big brother is so proud of his siblings' accomplishments :D


  1. That is just too cool! Love you guys! You're in my prayers and everyone else I've ever told about you all too!Amanda, my daughter's step-mom, Dylan's mom, is having back surgery on Monday too. I'm going to be some kind of praying fool that day!
    Love and blessings and God's grace to all of you, Kelley

  2. How adorable is that?!?!? : )

  3. What a doll - good job, Micah!! Sounds like those brothers will be a great team!!!

  4. I'm here with you when you have time to log in....

  5. Congrats Micah! What an amazing milestone you've reached! Big brother seems so proud of you!

  6. Kristopher is so good, what an awesome brother!!!!