Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pictures pictures pictures... :)

vLoving his sister.  Seriously, he was giving her a kiss!  This was tonight after haircuts and baths... before I got around to putting pajamas on the kids :) 


Emma LOVES Brianna to rub her hair, but this is how she REALLY feels about our noisy household (notice the finger PLUGGING the ear??)


Brianna likes to hold the kids' hands and help them clap or do "hooray"!


My dad replaced the parts on the mower from his neighbor and our lawn is CUT and it didn't take forever!  THANKS DAD!!


Here's Brianna with Emma making her clap  Emma's doing much better leaving her glasses on for about 45 minutes at a time then she keeps taking them off.  I think they bug her after a while.  Notice the shirts?  4th of July :)


Emma has started sucking her thumb more-- which is PROGRESS because she used to chew four of her fingers.  A thumb is much better in my book and she's much less aggressive about it.   She does it more when she's relaxed than when she's agitated :)


Yes, Kristopher has the most adorable smile ever :)


Doesn't she look big??  Wow, she really did need a haircut!


Kristopher's still working on independent swimming, but he's doing much better about his fear of the water and is 'jumping' into the pool from sitting on the side!


Even Mike will give me a smile occasionally ;)  He got a haircut too ;)


Floating little princess... doesn't she look relaxed?


Look what I found!  Brianna thinks this is her personal toy.


Emma just loved the bubbles in the jacuzzi.  No worries, we set it to a bath-water temp.


Ah,this one speaks for itself!


And this one too, though she is fairly random about pushing me away sometimes LOL 


Two men in a hot tub.


And another man... and a car...


'jumping' in


All three men! K is hugging Micah, and Micah's reaching for him :)


Hugs for Daddy.  I LOVE this pic!


K enjoyed having Daddy somewhat to himself for a little bit too.


Back in the house (after the pool) Brianna took her pants off and didn't want to put them back on.  She was very proud of her accomplishment!


This is from today- Micah's new haircut :)  He looks a bit more "cleaned up" again :)


Emma savoring a bottle.  She had a haircut too, but mostly just the sides where her glasses go (it was really thick and stuck out so I thinned it) and the nape of her neck- no mullets for her!


A new haircut for Brianna- she can SEE again!  I only cut her bangs and a little on the back to even it out.  PBJ all over her cute little face :)


Kristopher's bruise on his head is finally healing!  He walked into a corner of a wall! OUCH!  Anyway, he got a new haircut too :)


The other day Brianna thought K's hat would be fun to play with.  She's exploring the idea of dressing lately :)


Emma helped me with the laundry the other day.  Actually, she preferred the laundry basket to the actual laundry.


And Micah wanted to check her out too


Brianna, at the same time, was exploring the laundry in her bedroom AKA Destroying the room :)


Who Me??


I moved furniture in the girls' room.  Now both dressers are out of the closet (see above pic) and the clothes that don't fit slowly go into the baskets in the closet-- safe from Brianna's destructive tendencies!


Back in the family room, Micah still was keeping a good eye on Emma, yet she was comfy with her little ankles crossed :)


Beautiful sweetheart :)


Brianna decided that this weekend was a good time to start eating again!  Well, she HAS been eating, but she's eating more foods :)  Here she is chowing down on a corn dog!


This is Kristopher.  He's under the orange hamper.  WHY?? Because he decided he'd put it over top of Micah and let him just sit there while doing a little whiney soft cry.  I went over to see what was up (was folding laundry LOL) and found Micah with K sitting next to him smiling.  For K's 'consequence'... he got his time-out under the hamper.   Needless to say, K won't be doing that again.  He didn't like it too much...


Beautiful baby girl... and yes, another dirty face :)


Playing in the tub


Proof that Mommies don't care how dirty you are, you're still beautiful!  (she has snot all over her entire face... lovely!)

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  1. Hi Meredith, I was doing my nightly praying (which of course included you all) and couldn't sleep afterwards because of arguing with hubby earlier, so I thought I'd come see how your day went. Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures. Everyone's haircuts look great, well actually you all just look great! Anyway, feeling a little lonely with everyone asleep (my brother & nephew are here too) and just wanted to say hi. Hope you enjoyed your alone time with Mike. I'm sure you guys don't get as much of that as you'd like - that makes it even more precious.
    I really like the new pictures on the sidebar - awesome!
    Hope you have great and blessed sleep.
    Love, Kelley

  2. They are all so adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What great pictures! It's so nice to see everyone having a happy time!

  4. Oh Meredith,

    Your kids are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures. Your days are always so full.

    I look forward to reading your blog daily. Truely an inspiration. Your love is such a reflection of our God.

    I'm glad you found the Multiples with DS board. We have twins, one with Ds and the board has been informative at times.

    Keep up the great work and hope you get some rest!


  5. Hey Meredith, I was wondering if you could e-mail me like 4 of these pix without the watermark so I can put em in my family section of my page. If you go down in order of the pictures from this section, I'd like 7 (Kristopher laughing), 8 (Briana in the pool looking up), 13 (You and Emma in the pool with her laughing like crazy) and 22 (Micah with his new haircut.) Thanks a bunch!

  6. Or rather, you don't have to remove the watermark, but maybe move it down so that we can see the faces better. :)