Thursday, July 03, 2008

More O2 questions

What can I do to get the condensation out of the extension tubing? It's running 14 hrs and off for 10, but I don't want it growing things. I left it on for a while after I took it off Emma to see if that would help, but I'm guessing I need to take off the humidifier for it to dry out? Any ideas on that? Will it work to leave it on a bit without the humidifier?

Have I mentioned that you all are THE MOST AWESOME BLOG READERS??? And the wealth of info available to me pretty much 24/7 I am in AWE of??? THANK YOU SO MUCH, especially Jan and April who have both been such wonderful resources this past week. THANK YOU!!


  1. I may not can help you with this one. I have Randy thinking on it too to see what he can come up with. We ran ours 24/7, so I don't remember having a build up. We changed it out once in a while but I'm not sure it was even weekly. Just throwing out ideas until someone else can tell you for sure. (and maybe Oxygen man can help the next time he visits)

    Can you run it without the water? I know we had to fill a container with distilled water. Wonder what would happen if the water wasn't there? WOuld the air dry out the tube? Another option maybe blowing it out with a compressor or something.

    I just can't remember. It was 2 years ago, THANK GOD.


  2. hmmm -could you get two (or three) lengths of tubing so that you can rotate them? You could use one for a You could switch them out each day and maybe rinse them in a very mild bleach solution (a simple squirt through with a syringe of bleach solution would work) and let them completely air dry in between uses. You definitely don't want to be growing germs in there for sweet miss E. to inhale.
    I am absolutely in awe of you guys and how you manage to juggle everything so well!

  3. We never had that problem, huh? I have not clue, sorry!

  4. When we were in the hospital, the nurses would actually poke a small (very small) hole where the water collects for it to drain. The hole was so small that it didn't affect anything.

    OR, you could just drain it out when you see it collecting.

  5. You could take it outside and swing it around. I do this in the house with shorter tubes, but I have to make sure no one is near who might accidentally get whipped!

  6. You can hook the tubing up to a nebulizer for a few minutes, this will dry it out.

  7. Letting it run without the humidification will help dry it out. You can also disconnect it and shake the bigger drops out first, so it dries quicker.