Tuesday, July 01, 2008

100K and something fun (give-away!)

WOW! We made it to 100,000 blog hits! I thought it would be fun do do something unusual and in talking to my DH he's given me permission :) LOL I have these little "Madrushka" key chains that we brought back from Ukraine. They were just something tiny and fun and we brought them home for several people. I have one on my purse and will hold on to one for a keepsake, but I have another (or maybe 2?) that I'm going to give away through this post :)

All you need to do is leave a comment here or e-mail me (mkp1982@hotmail.com) and ask to be entered. On July 7th I'll go to http://www.random.org/ and draw a winner. All e-mail entries will be numbered after the last blog comment. If you read and don't usually comment, now's your chance to come out of 'lurking' and say 'hi'! Make sure you check back on July 7th to see if you're the winner! And, if there are more than 50 comments then I will draw two winners. So, tell a friend, remind that person that's had us on the prayer list (THANKS by the way!), post about it on your blog, and invite them to stop in and comment for a chance to win :) The winner can choose which one they want (if there's 2 winners the first drawn gets the choice). I'll ship to any address- including overseas. (ps. one entry per person please, and make sure you check back as I will be posting the winner but if I don't have contact info the winner will need to send it to me! )


And just for fun, the two little people that this is centered around (oh, and one big one!)

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  1. Hi Meredith and family,

    I am a total stranger who happened upon your blog quite by accident and now who cannot stop reading it! You and your family are amazing and I absolutely LOVE reading about them! I guess I have been reading since you first returned with Micah and Emma. I am truly amazed at how well they have done, filled out and just become so full of life! You and your family have been on my prayer list each and everyday and I look forward to reading more and more.

    I'm a Kindergarten teacher in east TN and all I can say is that your children's teachers will be blessed over and over by knowing your family! Thank you so much for sharing all of this! Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

    Cindi Ellison

  2. I'll play!!!

    I've also been following since you returned, so it has been a pleasure to pray for your family!

  3. ok, you know I'm in...those are just the cutest little things- just like your two newest sweetpeas :) congrats on the 100K- that's amazing! Thanks for sharing your story with us all!

  4. This is so kind of you to share with others, seems something you are very good at. I see that the kids have their glasses on, is it hard to keep them on their eyes or have they adjusted to them yet?
    Congrats to all of your "hits"

  5. would love to be able to enter this. sent you an email also
    Tammy RR

  6. I want in!!! BTW, I'm loving the new specs on the kiddos - so cute :)

  7. Congratulations on your 100K hits. It is wonderful how you keep everyone informed like you do. It has been a long journey from when you first started. A testament to alot of people. Through your blog; sharing your amazing journey it will bring more families with decisions about adopting children with Down S. We love you all!!

    Mom & Dad C

  8. I am very much enjoying reading your blog and seeing pics of your kids. They are beautiful!!

    Anne (this is my gmail account... my yahoo account for Reeces Rainbow is amcsorley. Just so you know who I am!)

  9. Aww, that's so sweet of you! You are an amazing mom and woman, in all that you do! Btw, I love that pic of Mike and Emma! It is so sweet!

  10. I'll play!!! I "known" you for some time from downsyn. Your kids are so adorable. I love their new specs!

  11. Count me in. Long time reader, 1st time (I think) commenting.
    Jen & Sophie

  12. 100,000 hits is so cool! Your family is making an impact on so many people Meredith, you are amazing and I pray for your family daily. Enter me to win please!:)

  13. Oh wow! That is a lot of hits.I had not seen the pics of the little ones in their glasses.They look adorable!

  14. CONGRATS!! That is awesome!! Enter me too!

  15. They are SO adorable in their new glasses! 100,000 hits, WOW!

  16. Please enter me. I comment from time to time, but always read your posts on my reader before any others.

    Kathy & PJ

  17. I'll play too!!! I love the honesty of the ups & downs in this blog. Not too mention I have a soft spot for EE adoptees--LOL. Wonderful family and keep writing.

    Happy 4th of July,

    Stephanie--mom to 7 special kiddos!!!
    adoption advocate for www.untilallhavehomes.org

  18. I'm entering on behalf of my office. While they don't read the blog, they do ask for updates quite frequently :) Until yesterday I was able to share the photos too (stupid work firewall). If they win we'll hold our own drawing to see who in the office gets it.
    - Elizabeth & all my financial analyst friends here in Ceridian HQ

  19. HI Meredith! :) This is Tami from Reeces Rainbow and we are adopting Noah! I have been reading your blog on and off since I came to RR :) I guess I am one of those lurkers you mentioned! Hi :) So I decided that maybe I would play. I believe we will adopt again after Noah is home and settled and I feel a real pull to Ukraine so it might be neat to have something from there to hold onto! :)

    blessings and hugs,

  20. Hi Meredith, count me in too!

  21. Hi Meredith! This is my first time commenting on your page. My sister is Shelley, who has the two amazing boys Xander and Grifyn. I have been keeping up with your blog since you decided to adopt. I think you and your family are special people and deserve nothing but the best. I love every morning checking up with you guys. I feel like you are part of our family because I know so much about you!! I wish you lots of luck and hopefully joy as the road ahead contimues for Emma. She truly is a gift from God. I know that my nephews are two of the most talented, strong, amazing little men that I have ever met. They tend to amaze me sometimes!
    Oh and I would LOVE to be entered in your contest!! Thanks!
    ~Allison, McCalla Alabama

  22. We would love to play!! We also adopted our DS angel and have started the adoption process again! I have been following your blog since Dec. I check often for updates! Love the reports and the great progress. Sarah is the same age as Micah.


  23. What fun! I want to play! :o)

  24. Sounds like fun!
    I'm in too!

  25. Hi Meredith, I am loving reading about your children and your life. You are such an inspiration! I am hoping to follow in your footsteps someday, but for now am clapping everyone else along! Kelly szamlh@yahoo. com

  26. WOW what fun! They are soo cute. Congratulations on the 100K mark. Your family is beautiful and I love hearing about them.

    Give me a call next time you are in Ft. Lauderdale :)

  27. hey now...enter US! (pretty please?)

  28. I'll play too! Thanks for the invite from DownSyn!!

    Peggy, Cason's Mommy

  29. I'll play, too! The kids are so cute...especially now that they're filling out a bit. I really enjoy following along in your day-to-day lives!

  30. I'd like to play, too. I have been following your blog since you were in Ukraine. Your family has been in my prayers.

  31. ooh, ooh, I want to play too!

  32. I have been praying for you and watching your journey! I prayed for you as you prepared to go to the Ukraine to pick up your daughter and was amazed by your faith (and challenged in mine) when plans changed (not God's) and you brought home Micah and Emma! Thank you for sharing what God is doing! God is good! It is great to see what your love and care have done in Micah and Emma lives! They now have siblings and a mom and dad! You have four beautiful children! Please enter me in the key chain drawing. It would be a great reminder to pray for your family!

  33. Hi. I found your blog from myspecialk's. Your family is quite amazing, and I saw this and thought I'd leave a comment
    Vicky Farrow-Australia

  34. Hi

    I love reading your blog

    Like you I have 3 children with DS, I by birth and 2 by adoption as well as 4 other birth children, one adopted and one fostered
    age range 26 to 2

    we adopted Lily now aged 19 when she was 5 months old, then Noah now aged 8 was born to us with DS (we've not met anyone else where its happened in this order) then adopted Isaac now aged nearly 3

    he has had many medical issues (heart surgery, fundoplication and gastrostomy, bronchiolitis) and is totally tube fed
    I could identify with you saying how medical issues are gettign in the way of your bonding with Emma as feedign issues certainly got in the way of bonding with Isaac as we had to deliberately pay no attention to all his signals saying he didn;t want food

    we were recently featured on a disability show here in NZ (episode 14 link below)

    all the best

  35. i'll play! what a fun idea! :) i am from missouri and my sister is adopting from ukraine... i've posted before about how clean your toilet was when the frog was in it. lol anyway my blog is breannabrummer.wordpress.com and my email ericbrea@att.net

  36. I am praying for Emma. The kids look so cute in their new glasses! Please enter me in your drawing!

  37. I'd love to be entered! Our computer is not working so I've been living in the olden days for the past week. I've missed so much of Emma's recovery! I hope she is well and I'll try back in the next week to see if I've won! Well, actually to see how you all are lol! (If I win that will just be an added bonus!)

    Lucille & William

  38. Hi Meredith...

    I want in!!! I LOVE following the journey of the Cornish Family!!

    ~Leximama~ eener14@verizon.net

  39. I would love to be entereed! I collect keychains and can say I don't have one of these!

  40. Those are ADORABLE, but more adorable are all the pictures I love to look at of the kiddos. I can't believe how far they have come in such a short time. I really do admire you and hubby, and I'm not just saying that to win a chance at those cute little trinkets!


  41. Mer,

    Your family is such an inspiration! COngrats on the 100 k and here is to 100 k more.