Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Photo Story

Emma, doing two of her favorite things- playing with her toes and biting her nails :)


Along with Daddy and his "new toy" a new digital SLR camera for work :)

 011 016

Brianna with her FAVORITE person!


The Hammock Swings are up!!  Kristopher and Brianna both LOVE them, but not as much as EMMA!  She is in heaven in those swings (but I didn't get a picture because I can't walk away from her in it!)

022 027 

Brianna's doing great standing!  She stood up from the ground here and is staying up now!  She also is standing well holding on to the moving swings, which is great for her balance :)


And this little man... He is fully mobile!  Micah crawls all over the place now and isn't rolling to get around very much at all.  Here he's getting in to Kristopher's stuff and exploring the O2 compressor. He likes the noises it makes!


I got caught.  Last night Brianna was in a cuddly mood, then Emma rolled over and finally Micah crawled over to climb up too.  Kristopher has been enjoying using the camera more lately and took this picture of the 4 of us.


Emma's new car seat is in!  We bought the Radian 80 and though we weren't sure at first who would use it, it is a perfect seat for Emma right now.  The first reasoning was that it's a 'mesh-like' fabric and she sweats up a storm, but as you can see below there are other great perks we didn't know ahead of time.  Here she is when I first put her in it to fit it to her.   As you can see- the straps are too high still and I had to move them down another notch since they should be below her shoulders.  Emma still is rear facing even though she's about 20 lbs.  She really doesn't have the neck control to avoid injury if we were ever in an accident.  Please excuse the bed-head and no pants :)  And one sock LOL  She's just gotten up from nap here and the sock is to keep the pulse-ox on.  The shorts were wet from a spitty sock in her crib that she'd removed, slobbered on, then laid on top of, and the hair is just completely unmanageable :)


She has such a tiny little waist!  The buckle adjusts in the crotch area though, so it is snug without room for her hips to rotate out and her to 'roll down' into the belt.  Also, notice her arm is kind of wrapped around a pad?  It has great trunk support (removable) which for Emma means that her back is in a STRAIGHT LINE in her chair instead of looking like an "s" in her seat :)  The second picture she was just being goofy ;)

040 041

Here you can see that the sides of the seat allow her to rest her head on the side, which is great instead of it hanging.  The second picture shows where the straps were adjusted down to the harness thread that's just below her shoulder.  (If she was forward facing it would be the thread just above the shoulder)

042 043

And... here's the car.  Kristopher has a built-in car seat that we use unless we're going on a longer trip- in which case we fold it up and install his regular car seat on top of it.  Micah is next to him and right now is in a seat we borrowed from my parents until Emma's new one came in.  Now we'll change it out with one identical to Brianna's :)


In the third row- Brianna's on the left in an Alpha Omega seat, and Emma's new Radian 80.

The other picture is one of Kristopher's.  It's his horse which he has been 'riding' around the house for a few days.  My little camera man loves to steal the camera :)

046  057

More of K's masterpieces...  Our little mouse friends- Annie and June.

053 054 

Kristopher's favorite subject.  No, my kids don't stay dressed long at home LOL.  Brianna got PBJ all over her clothes at lunch then napped in her diaper.  I slipped this on her when she got up. 

058 061

Then I took even the shirt off because she got some pudding for a snack.  Which she PAINTED herself with!


Isn't that smile beautiful though? :) :)  She now has had a bath and is in a onesie for the night! LOL  I'm tired of changing the kid's clothes!



  1. just the cutest things ever!!

    no glasses on emma-busted!! ;)

  2. wow, they certainly seem to get cuter everyday...

    by the way, I would LOVE one of those hammock swings...they look so wonderful. Now if I only had the money for one ;)


  3. What wonderful pictures! The hammock swings are just too cool.

  4. I love the pictures. The hammock swings look fun. Brianna does have an awesome smile. And looking at the picture of the 3 kids with you in the chair made me smile. I can't believe how cute and chunky Micah is getting. I just looked back at his pictures from his first weeks home and my goodness has he changed since then!

  5. Love the pics. And the swings are too cool!

  6. It is always such a pleasure to watch your blog. You keep our lives interesting. Thanks