Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Don't you hate it when...

...You call a number over and over and over again and it's busy. You try it for DAYS and it's always busy or just rings and noone answers? And then the deadline for this thing comes and goes and you were "supposed to call" yet couldn't get ahold of anyone and it all comes back on YOU?

...You call somewhere and they have those voice-recognition automated systems and every time your kid talks to you or laughs, cries, burps, ok, you get the idea, the automated thingy thinks you said something and either goes to some RANDOM choice, or stops the list and says "I'm sorry, I didn't understand, would you please say it again?" and then after saying this 3 times it finally starts the list again from the BEGINNING only to be interrupted again by someone in the background talking, clapping, laughing, screaming... (oh wait, at that point the screaming would be ME!)

...You get everyone fed, bathed, dressed, shoes on, ready to walk out the door and you realize that it's already time for everyone to eat again? (maybe that's just me too LOL)

...You go to the store and everyone either asks if you have twins, triplets, or if they're ALL yours? "Wow, you really have your hands full" and "oh my, which ones are yours", and the most tactfull, I will say, by the cashier at Target today was "are you babysitting or very blessed?" Ah... I'll have to remember that one :) Her neighbor just gave birth to a baby with Ds... I bet she's a wonderful friend.

...You get to the checkout at the store and realize that you're missing a pair of glasses. RELIEF when you realize they were tossed over the SIDE of the stroller and landed in the little saddle bag on the side :)

... You get out to the car, get two or three kids bucked only to hear one say "I need to go tinkle." Today his choices were putting on a diaper or holding it. Surprise, he made it home :)


  1. This made me laugh.......but only because most of them are very familiar. I love it when I walk in somewhere with all my kids and I can actually see people counting kids under their breath. I wish I could charge a dollar for everytime someone asked "Are they all yours?"....I'd be debt free!

  2. I feel like a freak show sometimes LOL, I see some people counting quietly and then they ask "are they all yours?" Sometimes I just say yes I'm not crazy enough to bring extras with me. (although often I do)
    My absolute fave is when W is in the stroller and someone sees the girls and says do you have a boy in there, I will turn him around and tell him to say hi and they just look at me like they are so sorry my poor "only boy" has DS. if they only knew what a blessing he is.OH well their loss! Most people are really sweet and say how adorable he is though

  3. Oh so familiar...almost every one of them!!! That's funny...just not funny when it happens at the moment. I love the comment the cashier said at Target. I need to remember that, too! Every time someone asks me, "Are they all yours?" I say "Yes, we are so blessed." That sometimes turns their frown upside down!

  4. I hear "you have your hands full" I think every time I go out somewhere. I used to hear "are they twins" but that stopped finally. I did get ask that about 2 weeks ago though. I bet you do get asked that A LOT! Maybe you should get shirts made up that states they are not twins or triples!

  5. This is so funny and familiar to me too. The questions, the car seats, everything. The glasses falling in just the right place is great! We once looked for several days for Tim's glasses and found he had tossed them as he got into the car and we had run over them several times. :o( So glad for those kid glasses programs-- as long as we can find them they can be replaced!