Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ok Dr. Moms...

Any idea what might have caused this?  Micah showed his beautiful rash to me during his morning bath.  No new foods/experiences/carpets/laundry detergent/new clothes, etc. that I can think of.  No antibiotics in a long time, no other new meds.  No fevers or anything of that sort either.  And he's his happy little self today....


001 003


If it doesn't get better or gets worse I'll call the ped, but for now I think I'll just watch and see... looks like he used bad deodorant or has the beginnings of a hairy armpit ;)  The bumps are raised and there's a little bit of 'raised bumps' that aren't red too. 



Just for kicks, here's what K did this morning while I bathed the little ones:


Notice the matching shirts?  He figured Micah's clothes would fit the T-Rex better.  It is wearing K's socks though!

Then, while I dressed Emma, K saw Abbie Cadabbie on TV (new Sesame Street character for those of you that don't know) and she is Brianna's FAVORITE.  It just so happens that we had out an Abbie shirt to wear today so K helped Brianna put it on :)

018 020

Like that hair? LOL  Abbie's barely visible in the TV screen, and my shot of the shirt didn't turn out that great either because Brianna wouldn't look away from the TV.  It's an adorable little shirt with little purple shorts to match :)



Not to leave Emma out-- boys WILL BE BOYS and K took this picture of Emma's huge boogers.  She seriously stores more snot that anyone I've ever known, and it's always VERY STRINGY! Too much info?  Sorry!  Maybe they're some kind of Ukrainian booger.  Dunno.  But it doesn't appear that the anti's are working that great by the deep yellowish green color to them.  Ok NOW that's TMI :)

Ah, and lastly, here's another pic K took of me and the bathing beauties.  Cropped down because Emma was getting a bit risque LOL  Brianna stayed in the tub and played after getting washed while I bathed Micah then Emma with her.  After Emma she decided she wanted out too...  Therefore the juggling act ;)  Good thing they're both tiny!  Isn't it interesting how Briana's foot could look so natural and comfortable hiked up like that?  Wow the flexibility of these girls!



  1. Wes just had that rash when we were in FL a couple of weeks ago. Looks just like it, no fever, he was just fine, just rashy. I chalked it up to virus. I think it went on 3 days and covered his trunk.

  2. no clue about the rash...Im with kara probably just a virus, and no other least that is what the drs. will call it if they dont know LOL...Anyway seeing M's chest reminds me to ask...does he have to have surgery any time or did he escape that? And the nose...I dont miss that with William he has got much better the older he gets thank goodness!:)

  3. eggs, maybe? He's already sensitive to dairy.


  4. Heat or exzema? My vote, Heat combined with moisture.


  5. We have dealt with a similar rash on and off with Braska the last couple months, usually behind her neck and on her chest some. We were told by the pediatrician to use 1% hydrocortisone cream, and it works like a charm every time it shows up.

  6. Hey Meredith, my first thought is heat rash perhaps. Good luck!

  7. I agree with the other poster on roseola. Our younger son has had this several times. Our GI dr actually saw it once and asked if he had a low-grade fever a few days before. When I said yes, he said it was probably roseola. It is just a viral infection working its way out, if that makes sense. Since I love webmd, I looked it up. Here is the link:
    This mentions a high fever, but my dr did say it can be a low-grade fever as well. Hope this helps.

  8. Hope the rash goes away. My kids will spring up a new rash at times then it's gone pretty fast. Hope Micah is the same.

    Love the pictures of your cuties. K is a cute with his toys!

  9. I don't know anything about rashes, but---Look at Miss Brianna standing!!

  10. Sarah had the same rash last week. Viral was what we decided. It went away after about 3 days. It was worse first thing in the morning and after baths. She is fine now. Hope it is better soon. Do you use nasel saline on Emma? It might help with the thickness and stringyness. Sarah can be snotty too. The saline really helps her's.


  11. I vote for heat rash ;o)


  12. I had to read all of your comments because one of my little people has a little bit of a rash at the top of his back. It isn't as red as Micah's, so we were assuming it was heat + sunscreen + skeeter dope. I dunno... It hasn't spread, though.

  13. When my girls were little they would get that same kind of rash when they went swimming. The clorine count was too high in their Grannys pool. The picture of the rash under the arms made me take notice. After the adjustment to the chemicals in the pool, I just made sure that I bathed them real well and used a hydrocortisone cream. Carla Bair

  14. Bailey just had a very similar rash, and Aubrey had it about 7 months ago. Bailey was diagnosed as having hand, foot, and mouth. It's viral, so there's nothing they could do. She never had it on her hands or feet, but she did have it on her mouth, bottom, stomach and back. Her pedi said he's seen more cases than average over the past few weeks.

  15. Micah's rash looks just like one Hannah had a couple months ago. I tried some hydrocortisone creme at first, but it did nothing. After a few weeks I took her to the doctor who said it was either a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. There was no way of telling. So he gave me an expensive antibacterial ointment prescription and told me to also put on Lotrimin. Well, neither of them did anything for the rash (same place as Micah's armpit towards the abdomen). I sort of forgot about it because it wasn't bothering her. When I checked a couple weeks later, it was gone. Probably a mild virus that lingered.

    If he's not uncomfortable with the rash, then I'd just forget about it. Unless you were really looking for something else to do... Oh I know! Those nice women at the doctor's office were missing seeing you twice a week!

    Oh, yes, as Carla mentioned, sometimes when the pH is off in the pool boys especially can get itchy, but usually in the more private body zones. It's a possibility, but I'd guess that K. would have been affected too. I've seen it happen to bunches of boys at a time. Quite uncomfortable-burning itchy rash.

    Hope Micah stays comfortable!


  16. Oh my goodness! my computer crashed and I didn't have your link saved on Dh's and just found my way back after several weeks! I can't believe how good the kids all look and how big they are getting!!

  17. Hey Meredith. This is my first post, although I have watched from afar from the beginning...start my morning with a look in at the Cornish family and lift a prayer. I do need to speak to the snotty nose...from my own lifelong experience and having had the grandbabbies here. The saline mist is a must. It will reduce the body's need to allow alergens to attack. Also, most doctors don't address food allergies but you can experiment yourself by changing to rice milk and or rice protien powder as milk or soy allergies will cause the thick mucous and ear infections/tonsilitis. I don't remember which of these your children are sensitive to (soy or dairy)but I think about it every day so I had to pass the info along. I have found that saline and vitamin C are the best way to keep the boogerman away.

    By the way, you and Mike are awesome in my book. Thanks for your example of endless love!