Saturday, July 12, 2008

In the car...

Yesterday we drove a little over an hour, then the kids hung out in the car for almost an hour, then another 20 min of driving/waiting and we FINALLY got out at the mall. Well, in the LONG drive to our first destination the girls (in the third row of the van) were playing with the "chatterbox Elmo" and "chatterbox Cookie Monster". When you shake them their mouths flap open and shut and they say things. At one point Elmo, in all his bright red glory, went FLYING across the back of the car and with that yelled "YAHOOOEEEE!!"

Also, Kristopher and I bought a birthday card for someone the other day and so he's into birthdays right now. So I didn't think it all that odd- at first- that he said "Mommy, when is it your birthday?" "Not for a while still, I just had mine in January while I was in Ukraine." "Well, when it's your birthday, I'm gonna buy you lots of sex." "Um.... you're going to do what??" "I'm going to buy you lots of sex, Mommy." "Ok.... (long silent pause while I try to figure out WHAT to say nest... then, cautiously...) What kind of sex?" "You know, like my pirate sex and my castle sex and those kind of SETS." "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (relief, laughter from Mom, and just a bit of a *sigh* thanking God it wasn't what it sounded like!!) Well, that sounds wonderful, but my birthday's still not going to be for a few months still."

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  1. LOL, Cute stories!! Pirate sex and castle sex sounds very interesting, lol. You handled it well; I don't know WHAT I would have said! Probably would have run the car into a telephone pole, lol.