Monday, July 21, 2008

Ever heard of Xander? (Win a Blackberry!!)

Yes, I published this a few days ago. For newer posts see below. This is what I call "bumping up a good cause" and here it is again... :) So donate if you can- there's a button on the side bar to add your $5 and join the raffle!

Xander is one ADORABLE little boy that came home to his new family from an orphanage nearby where my kids first lived. He also has Down syndrome, but in addition he also HAD clubbed feet. Xander underwent surgery and casting and is now learning to walk! I couldn't believe it when Andrea told me that their tiniest kid coming home was 17lbs at 4 years old. Before that I thought that Brianna was tiny. (Boy did Emma surprise us too!)

Xander's family is a military family and were recently relocated. They have adopted another child, also from Eastern Europe and also with Down syndrome, who came home just a few months ago. And now... they want to help out another little one with Ds. A little girl in Bulgaria that has Ds and clubbed feet. No, they're not adopting again... but they are helping to raise funds for this little one that hopefully will help her to get a forever family soon!

HERE's what Xander's Mommy, Shelley, says and how that ties in to winning a Blackberry... (italics added ;) )

I am giving away my Blackberry Curve. It is in excellent condition....I've
had it less than 6 months and always carried it in it's case. It works with a
T-Mobile SIM card(and I'm sure it can be unlocked for other carriers). When we
changed cell phone providers, I decided to downgrade to something cheaper. I
sold my husband's identical phone on ebay in less than 5 minutes for $170. I
decided to give mine away instead. So, here's the deal:

On July 27th, I will pick my Xander up out of his bed, kiss his chubby little cheek.....and thank the Lord for putting him in my arms one year ago. To honor that moment one year ago, I am auctioning off my Blackberry Curve with every penny of the money raised to go into the grant fund for Raina, who is waiting in Bulgaria. Raina, like Xander, has Down Syndrome and clubbed feet. She is destined to live her life confined to a crib unless a family takes a leap of faith and adopts her into their family. So, here's how this is going to work.

There is a Chip In widget over on the side of my blog (I also added it to the CornishAdoptionJourney sidebar). A $5 donation made through that account will enter your name in the drawing. You can enter as many times as you want....each entry requires $5. The auction will end on July 27th and Xander will draw the winner himself. Every penny of the money in the chip-in account will go to Raina.....and someone will get my Blackberry Curve. You can keep it, resell it yourself....whatever you want to do with it. My intention is to get some money in this little girl's grant fund. If you are reading this and you blog, PLEASE mention this on your blog. You can even put the widget on your blog too. You can get the code here (please do!!!).

Some of you that read this get hundreds of readers a day on your blog. My prayer
is to raise at least $500 for Raina's grant. That's going to take 100 entries.
My husband thinks I'm crazy and I'm going to give my Blackberry away for like
$20. Help me prove him wrong and raise some money for this little angel who's
waiting on a mommy and daddy to call her own!!!!

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