Monday, July 14, 2008

Emma's cardiology visit

This morning I woke up early, got all 4 kids up, dressed, and somewhat fed, had my mom pick up Brianna at 8:45 and Mike's mom come to watch the boys at 9 and was out the door by 9:15! An hour and 15 minutes later I arrived right on time to the cardio office in Maitland.

We did the echo, which I'm so proud of my girl because about 1/2 way through she realized it wasn't going to kill her and she stopped crying and just kindof held her breath on and off and looked at me and squeezed my fingers. What a long way she's come!

An hour and a half after THAT (OUCH!) we saw the doctor. It's a good thing I really like this cardio, because that is a LONG time to wait for her to show up. Seriously. She wasn't at the office until then.

Anyway... She took a look at the echo, a listen to her back, and a listen to the Momma. Basically, as we knew would happen, Emma is showing further signs of failure and needs the repair QUICKLY. How I wish we could put life on hold for her for an entire month and all the sudden it be August 14th instead of July 14th! But, no, we've got one more month from today for her repair. Her profuse sweating, lack of activity, and her SATS dropping are all a result of her additional shunting which is caused by the heart failure.

There is a little good news and some light at the end of the tunnel though... Dr. N said she believes that the T&A surgery DID IMPROVE HER PH and that it seems that from that aspect things look a little better! YAY! Also, she seems to think that Emma won't be in the hospital nearly as long as the other cardio suggested. More like 2 weeks (with no complications) not 6+. I hope she's right!! I'm guessing the 6 weeks was including needing additional support. Plus, the people that told me that are the ones that weren't sure she should have it repaired, so they are likely expecting more problems than our regular cardio is. Regardless, I count this as good news!!

And... in other news... Happy Anniversary to my love... Today we've been married for 7 years :)


  1. Happy anniversary! What wonderful news about Emma!!! Sorry to hear about the wait but I feel the same way if you really like the Dr. The Drs. told me 6 wks for William's surgery too,but I think that was so my hopes weren't up and he had to stay longer.

  2. So why can't they move the surgery date up? If she clearly is going further into failure, then...? I don't get it. Sigh.

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary, Meredith and Mike! I'll keep Emma in my prayers.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I'm praying that Emma's surgery date will be here before you know it. SO thankful that Emma's surgery reduced her PH. Amazing!

  5. Happy anniversary! My Ralphie has PH. His surgery (procedure, really) was postponed twice and still managed to sneak up on me! I hope that you stay busy (in the good way) and the time until Emma's surgery passes quickly. I pray that God will continue to strengthen and protect her in the meantime. What meds is she on? Why don't you contact me privately? My email is on my profile.

  6. Oh how I wish they'd move up that surgery. Prayers going up daily for her and you,too.


  7. Happy Anniversary to you both. How beautiful you both were on your day. (not that you're not both still beautiful, but you kwim) :o)

    Praying Emma holds on for one more month. WHY can't they move it up? Seems like a schedule could be adjusted when a LIFE could be lost?!

  8. Praying for Emma, today and every day.

    Happy Anniversary. :)

  9. Happy Anniversary.

    I'm sorry to hear about Emma, praying hard!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! I remember when you guys started dating! I am praying for her every day, and I will keep her there.

  11. I'm praying for that sweet girl of yours. If not for the surgery to get moved up then for her to hold on for the surgery in August. Happy Anniversary to you and Mike(a day late!) Hugs to everyone!

  12. We keep Emma in our prayers, as well as your entire family. I check your blog daily for updates.

    When our son Tommy had open heart surgery a year ago, he did stay longer than the average length because he was more medically involved. Before surgery, he was on Digoxin, Captropril and Lasik. After surgery, he will forever be on Capropril.

    I pray for Emma's health to maintain until 8/14. Oh how I pray for that.

  13. Happy Anniversary! Mark and I too were married July 14, 2001. Neat.