Tuesday, July 08, 2008

90 minutes

That's all it took! I'm sooooo glad this didn't turn out to be a long and drawn out process! When I realized I needed an application signed by my ped to get a disabled parking permit I realized that it might mean that I drop it off one day and have to pick it up the next- two trips, each 20 min away from my house. Then the tax office told me I needed an ID for Emma, this used to be a three hour wait to get in to the DMV to get ANYTHING done. And then there's the tax office which, depending on the time and day, can swing from 10 minutes to an hour. So I didn't anticipate things to be easy.

Yesterday I got the application signed when I walked in the door at the ped- and actually a very nice greeting from the receptionists and nurses! They missed seeing us 2x/week LOL. Then I called the DMV yesterday and got the appointment for Emma's ID this morning. 40 minutes. And 30 of that was waiting on Tallahassee twice because they had to input some of her info up there since she doesn't have a SS# or US birth certificate yet. We drove right up to the tax office after getting her ID and we were in and out in 10 min or so.

Just an hour and a half this morning and Emma now has a lovely blue hangy tag for my van so she can be a bit more comfortable when we go places with far-away parking.

Also, there's nothing better than ROLLING THUNDER to make the household nap! Brianna was up until about 3am yesterday- just for fun (really, we don't know what her problem was but finally a trip to the bathroom, a sip of milk, and a snuggle with Daddy seemed to do the trick... at 3am of course...). So Mommy was glad that the house was dark and still and all the kids were sleeping (K "rests" now, but he was sitting with me on the couch) and Mommy got to drift off a bit too... That. Feels. Good. :)

We've been pretty lazy today and I'm sortof glad I got a jump start on the day. I got laundry started, the dishwasher going, had cleaned up the kids' toys from yesterday, and everyone was up and dressed by 8:30 when the PT got here. Micah did great, and Brianna, well, hadn't slept... But we have some of the BEST therapists and Mrs. J had seen Brianna's new skill of standing up right here on the blog, so Brianna's inability to comply was momentarily forgiven :). I don't think there are many people that would check their clients' websites to find out how they're doing WHILE THE THERAPIST IS ON VACATION and to check on siblings too :). Like I said, we have a great group of therapists! Thank you Mrs. M, Mrs. M, and Mrs, J!!

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  1. Meredith
    Your blog keeps reminding me I need to deal with Caleb's birth certificate which I've been ignoring :)

    I'm so glad things are going better with Emma. I'm praying for you when I think of you. May God be the strength of her heart.