Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dear Jesus,

Just a minute ago as I tucked in Kristopher we read a dinosaur book. We're not sure whether it was HIS dinosaur book or if it was Micah's book- they each have one of the same series- but regardless it was about going to bed so it was cute to read. Then I prayed for Kristopher and the other kids with him and he started his prayer.

Dear Jesus, please send Santa Clause to our house- not on Christmas, but today- and let him wait here until we wake up so that he can tell me which dinosaur book is mine. And give all of our family- like Emma and Micah and Brianna and Kristopher and Mommy and Daddy and the dinosaurs good dreams tonight. Amen.


  1. Too cute! And I loved the birthday comment too. Kristopher must keep you laughing!

  2. That is too cute! He is such a good kid!