Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Anonymous said...

no glasses on emma-busted!! ;)

Ah... I'm caught!  Actually, Emma wears them a lot when we're out- and if she's upright.  When she's playing on the floor- which is a lot of her daytime playtime- she doesn't leave them on for long.  Micah, on the other hand, has about a 20 second timer that goes off and he rips them off.  I'm hoping that will lengthen now that he's crawling and not rolling everywhere, but we shall see.   But you're right, they're not wearing them a ton yet!


Jan said...

They do prioritize cases though. They bumped Sawyer out 1 week because there was a case that was more critical. Don't know how they do it at your hospital but maybe they could look at it. Maybe they already are.

I really can't say whether they're prioritizing or not, but I know that the cardiologist about flipped when I said her repair wasn't for a month and that both our local and the St. Pete cardio groups have tried to get the date moved up to no avail.  So... I'm hoping that those other kids before us need it even more than Emma.  Unfortunately, I have this nagging suspicion that Emma is "so far gone" already that they're not in a hurry... which stinks and I try so hard to tell myself it's not true!!

Martha said...

From my Joel Osteen Word from today:
"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” (John 14:27). You're right, God is in control.

Thank you Martha! I love it when "daily passages" deal directly with what we're going through.


Stephanie said...

What meds is she on?

Though I answered this in e-mail to Stephanie, Emma is on Digoxin, Captopril, and Lasix right now and we're leaving her dosages the same until after surgery.  She's pretty much maxed out on them for her weight so we don't want to mess with them when she's doing "ok" with them as they are.


Amy (and 3 e-mailers) said...

I can only imagine that the medical bills and daily care bills are very high - I have always wondered ever since I started reading your blog HOW in the world you were able to manage everything. Your answer though - while inspiring - was a little evasive! (smiles!) Do you have a way that folks can help you if they feel so inclined? Like be able to send a small donation - or diapers or anything?  Just curious!

Um... I don't ever know how we are going to manage until we do :) :).  We have received some help from the Benjamin Cornish Fund for a portion of the medical bills, we've got WONDERFUL friends at church that have been helping with formula costs, and we are on the last few coupons I was sent for free diapers when we first adopted.  My mom has enjoyed shopping for clothes for the kids, and some friends near and far have surprised us regularly with gift cards, and even checks in the mail which usually meet a need we didn't know was coming.  Mike's parents have paid for tolls for us for our trips to St. Pete, and we've had wonderful friends and family step in to babysit for our many appointments and hospital stays.  My brother has helped with outdoor work like mowing the lawn for a reduced rate when we're gone and we also have a saving's account we made when Brianna was a baby just for medical expenses which has come in VERY handy here lately.  We have been TRULY BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!! 

That said, I realize that's not what you're asking, and since we gave out the church address (where Mike works) during our adoption I guess that's ok to give out for anyone that wants to have a way to contact us by mail.  I was planning on putting my e-mail contact on my sidebar, so I'll add the mailing address too.  Here it is:

PABC c/o Michael Cornish, 2600 S. Park Avenue, Titusville, FL, 32780

It's definitely not my nature to ask for donations in any way but we do appreciate the many people who have been helping us out with physical and/or financial gifts these past months.  Although we say "God is always going to provide", the vessels need just as much recognition.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(I feel I need to say this because many would say "why did you adopt if you can't take care of the kids financially"- and to that I say first that we can handle it, but the significant input from others has made it that much easier and better.  Second, "our" plans were NOT this... read back to January and you'll see one older, healthy, toilet trained child that we were prepared for... but "this" is obviously God's plan for us and by obeying His direction in our lives we have no doubt that all our needs- and those of our children- will not only be met but fulfilled with abundance!  This doesn't mean we continue to live the same way we did with 2 incomes and 2 children.  Life changes have been necessary but the rewards are so much more than the sacrifices!)

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