Saturday, July 12, 2008


Little Miss Jaws has chewed through...

4 socks
18 bibs
2 of MY fingers
6 oxygen nasal cannulas
and now... a Pulse Ox Cable.

Oh... and not just the COATING, no, she actually chewed it so that the wires were broken and it DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE!!!

What are we going to do with this kid? And more so, How are we going to keep monitoring her without her destroying everything???


  1. There has GOT to be a chew toy that will fit her mouth without impeding her breathing. NOpe, don't really have a clue. I saw some neat ones in Walmart shaped like a pacifier but textured silicone like for those who are teething. Might be too big though. You might have to 'create' one and then market it to the other folks in the same boat as you. Good luck...


  2. How bout something like this:


  3. Jan- thanks for the idea. We have some of those- the P grabber and the green chewey. I also just ordered another chewey before our ST gave us these. Unfortunately, if she finds ANYTHING she wants to chew- she chews it. I can't seem to say "this one's Ok and this one's Not." well... not YET anyway...

  4. I got a catalog that made me think of Miss Emma.

    specifically- chewlery. I am sure other companies have similar products. I thought maybe if she had something like this always available maybe she will begin to understand that some things are ok to chew on and others are not. I know you have totally thought of soo many ideas. I just wanted to see if maybe this type of product might help :)