Sunday, May 11, 2008


Last night as we loaded the kids up in the van to go to church I noticed a little tinge of pain in my knuckle.  I thought maybe I had a paper cut.  A minute later as I was walking back inside to catch the forgotten last items I noticed that my knuckle was swollen and blue.  Odd.  I was fine 2 min ago!  As the evening progressed it bruised more and became very sensitive.  I have no idea what happened- whether it's a bite, a bruise, or just something dumb :)   I attempted to take a picture, but with shadows it's hard to tell that my knuckle is a beautiful shade of bluish black.  I iced it yesterday and it seems much less swollen today.  Just WEIRD!


  1. maybe a broken blood vessel. They hurt so bad and I often do not know how you get them.

  2. Sure, you just don't want anyone to know that your a husband beater!! lol JJ, couldn't resist!!

  3. no most likely is a broken blood vessel. It happens to me occasionally. Feels almost like a bee sting, then two days later its completely gone.

  4. Meredith,

    I was thinking about mothers day today and you came to mind.. you and Mike are truly an example of Godly parents for your children (but since it is mother's day) Kudos to you! :) God Bless you guys!