Saturday, May 03, 2008

I can't wait to write a letter like this:

Dear Antoshka Staff,

As you can see, the children are adjusting nicely. They are both very sweet and spirited. They are learning to sit and Micah is learning to stand. His stomach is not sick anymore and he is gaining weight well. Emma is learning to play with toys and to bounce in the jumper. She is also learning little games with her hands and new noises. She is gaining weight and doing great. Tonight we took the kids in the pool for the first time. The large pool is still too cold so we heated the jacuzzi. Emma absolutely loved it! She floated on her back with just a little support and did really well. Micah wasn't sure at first but by the time we got out he was giggling and playing! We are amazed by their progress each and every day!

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Yes, there are chairs in the pool-- the easiest way to clean them ;)


  1. How fun! They look like they had a great time! I love Emma's little bathing suit, aww..

    Are those chairs at the bottom of your pool?

  2. OMG the picture of Emmas face to her Daddy and brother being silly hahahahahaa
    poor girl already knows what shes in for! Daddy and her brother embarising her lol

  3. How fun! It's so obvious you feel like M and E are gifts to you....what gifts you are to them! I love their beautiful faces!!

  4. What do you mean that it's still too cold for the pool???! I thought that it was always warm enough in Florida!! LOL! Those are great pictures. You have been capturing some great moments and I love that Mike is in these ones...HE DOES EXIST! :-)

  5. looks like so much fun!! could you email me meredith?


  6. How sweet all the pictures are. Thanks for making my day!

  7. Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time!!!! So Glad you have the pool to enjoy.

    Mom C

  8. Wow! I cannot believe the changes in Micah and Emma! Micah's face has changed a lot and I cannot believe all of the expression coming from him. When I look at his face he doesn't even look like he has ds.
    I love Emma's smile, and the fact that she has become so much stronger. Seeing them come so far is inspiring!
    Good for you Cornish family!