Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wow, things have been busy!

I miss writing! LOL  I've been posting quick blurbs because time has been short and life has been busy.  Things are good tho, which is always helpful :)

After Emma's 1am stint the other day I was reminded by a friend of the miracle of melatonin.  If you're not familiar with it, it's the natural substance your brain creates to tell your body that you're tired.  Well, as you can imagine, it works wonderfully for getting a little girl that WON'T go to sleep to have her body say "you should be tired now" and off she goes.  It's not a drug that actually knocks a kid out like using Benadryl and a few other 'things' that people also suggested to me... no, this is a healthy and natural way to induce sleep.  I bought some capsuls a while back for Mike and I to take to Ukraine and have for ourselves and eventually the kids too.  Although it doesn't work well on ME (go figure, I'm a freak of nature), it does aparently work for the kids :)  This is a relief.  If anyone has night owls, this might be something to keep on hand just for those days where the kids "can't" fall asleep and need a little help getting started.  Also, it does not KEEP a kid asleep, so it has no drowsy effects after.  Yes, God's gift to man (or should I say Mom?).

Last night our littlest girl turned BIG!  She slept all night in the toddler bed!!  We tried a few nights previous and she had a very hard time going to sleep (hadn't been reminded about melatonin yet!) and then kept falling out.  Of course it's not a far fall and there's a pillow on the floor next to it, but I ended up putting her back in the crib to wait a few days.  Well, Daddy did bedtime yesterday and she went to sleep really nicely!  I did hear her twice during the night and got up to put her back in bed (she was asleep on the floor), but I hope she will get used to the bed and not end up out of it too much soon.  For now we're keeping the crib up too, especially for nap times since that's a harder time of day to get the transition. 

Here's when Brianna first saw her toddler bed (I set it up while she was asleep, so the bed-head hair is all natural :) )

002 003 004 012 015 016 019 022 023 025 026


The girls' room is not a big room- it's average size, about 11'x11'.  It now has 2 cribs, a toddler bed, a twin bed, two dressers (one's in the closet), and a dollhouse.  WoW!  LOL  No, there's not much walking space :)  A few pic's?  Of course :)  This is what the room looks like.  Complete with a messy twin bed (but check out the beautiful pink afghan that's on there- Grandmommy Pocock made that for Emma, isn't it pretty??).

032 034 035


Here's some video (finally- One True Media's working again!) of Micah sitting up :)

He's doing so much better already!  He goes up and down all day long and is sitting without using his hands for short periods too!

Here's Micah practicing his other new trick... holding his own bottle!  (and savoring it lol)
001  018
That's all the back tracking... but today we had a few fun visitors too!  My friend Kerry came over with her 4 little ones and the 8 kids... yes, EIGHT LOL  had fun!  Her youngest is the same age as Micah (20 mos).  In fact they're only 3 days apart :).  Then she has a son a little younger than Kristopher and another son a little older.  She also has a sweet daughter that's 6.  Kerry has a heart of gold and I really enjoyed getting to know her and her kids better today!  We first met at the pediatrician's office when Bria was just a few months old and have run into each other through mutual friends a few times since.  This was the first time we actually had some time to spend together and really get to know each other better.  What a fun lady she is :)
And, if you're local to North Brevard, her husband is running for County Commissioner for District 1.  I hope she doesn't mind me posting this! LOL  Their family are all very dedicated Christians and also have firm family values.  I'd love to have someone like Roger Shealy as the north district representative!


  1. I'm so glad you're back!! I've missed you! :) Big milestones for Bria and Micah! Way to go, Cutie Patooties!!

  2. I love reading how the kiddos are all growing leaps and bounds. Wow a big girl bed...Wow they grow soooo fast...

    Oh I just want to let you know the pics from this post aren't coming up. :(

  3. Brianna looks so grown up on the toddler bed. SO ADORABLE!!

    Micah is making milestones everyday. This is great!!

    Mom C

  4. Hooray for Melatonin!!! I'm sooo glad that it worked! (cuz sometimes you just never know! LOL By the way, it might not have worked for you because adults need like 8 mgs of the stuff!)

  5. Turkey sandwiches and warm milk work for grown ups.... or just being up repeatedly all night for days on end. Love, Mom

  6. I got on here yesterday with my mom and about died seeing him sitting himself up!!